Last night, My L110 finished four Suramar World quests and couldn’t hand them in. Because I refused to start the Suramar ‘story’ questline from Dalaran, the NPC I needed might have shown up on the map, but was still phased to me. Therefore, the game forced me to do a quest chain to unlock that phasing.

After twelve years, should this even be a thing with an alt?


When there’s more than one character to level, it is almost always accompanied by a  complaint from somebody that there’s too many hoops to jump through. Most recently, the amount of AP required to get a max level character ‘properly’ geared was the subject of much scrutiny, resulting with almost laughable simplicity in getting onto Stage two of my Artefact on Kumiho. However, the questing side of things is completely overlooked. I’ll grant you, it was hardly taxing, but I see nothing in game that tells me I have to complete this quest at 110. It might be of interest if I were collecting the Chromie quest from Khadgar, but if I don’t bother with that stuff, how will I know?


Yes, it’s a minor complaint, but it is easily curable. Stick a neutral NPC next to the Suramar flightpoint for those who haven’t done the quest chain. Before you complain that clearly stops the ‘fantasy’ element of gameplay, I’d argue Suramar is now ‘old’ content and frankly, nobody cares. What they want is upgrades so they can go raid the Tomb of Sargeras.

When your player base is this predictable, the fix really should be a no-brainer.

3 thoughts on “The Right Way

  1. Is a signpost to say “You are doing it wrong” ? Personally I would have locked world quests behind completion of the relevant story-chain.
    Normally I don’t like such roadblocks and phasing barriers, but in this case I think they would be sensible. Is there any point in running BI world quests except for reputation gains? If you want the rep then the story quests are probably the place to start.


    • I think some people really don’t care, and would like to be able to grind WQ’s without the need for storyline. This is especially true of anyone running multiple alts who got fed up of questing after the first three times ^^


      • I don’t understand grinding dailies just for the sake of grinding. It sounds unhealthy and the sort of activity that results in burn out, yet if people want to do it they can. Not removing a 3 minute quest to unlock the turn in is the responsible thing to do to check players from unthinkingly charging into a grind they are not interested in doing.


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