7.2.5 means for the casual player like myself that lots of places where there was no point farming have become worthwhile revisiting. These bracers, for instance, a WQ reward, are now better than my dungeon-farmed Mythic rewards from two patches ago. As I’m no longer running 5 mans, the WQ ‘game’ has become more attractive on Pherian, so that means that this week, once I’m back to working hours, I’ll try and knock of the WQ’s for her every three days.

After that, it’ll be alt farming and requisitioning, daily JC gubbins, and Invasions if I can fit them in.


I’d love to admit there’s more planned but really, this is all I need right now. I’m more than happy just to potter along and see what happens. There are plans, however, but for things that don’t require me to be on the cutting edge of Warcraft play styles and development long term. If you want to know what that means?

Come see the Blog tomorrow.

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