Okay then, lets make some decisions going forward.


Gonna finish the Class Order hall questine on the Gathering Hunter. This will provide enough AP to unlock Concordance. Need to get a Shoulder boon from someone (don’t care who) to make sure I’m gathering extra materials via WQ’s. Now the Essences are currency, I can gather from WQ’s too, assuming at some point I get a Legendary to drop ^^


Pherian’s mucking about in various places. I’d like to get the Transmog set from the Trial of Valor sorted. I will, once I’m done here, start making some paper lists of things to knock off. Legacy is still a thing, but at this point it is having time. I have a phenomenal amount of Real Life on in the next two weeks. That means gaming will become very much as and when.


That is particularly true when I sent Kumiho to the Timeless Isle: there’s a lot to finally complete on the ‘Biiger Bag’ Achievement and honestly, truthfully, I do not have the time to sit and wait for spawns any more. What I could have achieved in the hour I stood, waiting about for two mobs to spawn, is just not effective time management under current circumstances. Therefore, once I’ve finished the Celestial Tournament, it is time to say goodbye to Pandaria for the foreseeable future. I think it will be time to focus on collection (pets, mounts) with a focus on Northrend.


Occasionally however the fates conspire and you end up with unexpected progress. This toy was the reward from the Nagrand Midsummer Bonfire, a reminder I need to work out how many blossoms are required for the new items. Right now, it is more about planning and less action, so when there is time to do things, they can be undertaken with maximum efficiency.

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