Once upon a time, I was pretty good at knowing everything there was to know in game. However, those times have now passed, and because I try not to get spoilt for stuff that might impede in-game enjoyment, a lot of content simply doesn’t get registered. Legion has become synonymous with the concept of ‘in-game secrets’: stuff hidden in plain sight, without an obvious set of referenced uses or significance. This effectively bypasses the data-miners obsessive need to work everything out ahead of time, and use it as content to keep their websites in hits. That also means that, until yesterday’s hour writing down what battle pets and mounts I don’t own, I didn’t grasp the significance of Kosumoth the Hungering. Now I do, I have a guide printed out and sometime this week, I’ll go sort that out.


Then you have NPC’s such as Ogdrul here, only viewable by Hunters inside the instanced boundary of their Class Hall. This guy’s been a Hunter since Vanilla. How do I know that? Well, he’s got Rhok’delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers equipped and that dates this dude even more than me. Considering the experiments around him, he used three blue crystals somehow to make this happen: even his flag outside has the same markers in place. What he does however remains very much a mystery: no-one as yet has made any connections (except that one of demons originally involved in the original Vanilla quest to won the Bow pops up as an NPC in a Legion invasion) and so, until someone smarter than me can work this out, he’ll be stuck as he is.


This seems a lot of work just for something that won’t ever be used, or is placed as set dressing. That could mean that the answer might become apparent when we finally reach Argus, or might be bought into being by doing something else entirely. Because I’m of a mind to discover things this Expansion, I have a theory as to how this could be triggered, but I won’t know until something else is done. I’m fully intending to complete that today, and go back to the NPC just to check. I really doubt it’ll make a difference, but the fact I’m playing into the game in the first place sends an important message to the Devs. This is the kind of content I’d like more of: the secret fishing bobbers, uncovered NPC’s and treasure hunts which reward items such as the Riddler’s Mind Worm. These are things I enjoy to do.

This is content I’d like to see more of going forwards.

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