This Sunday past, I spent an hour with the UI open looking at what Battle pets I am missing, since it will only be a few more weeks before the Celestial Tournament is complete for good.

Some of these I will have to work for, like it or not. Currency is a cruel mistress, after all. I didn’t even realise there was a new pet for Noblegarden but it makes sense, considering how horrible that ‘grind’ remains despite the updates that have taken place elsewhere. It means I’ll sort out an Alt to do the Burning Blossoms who will benefit regardless from the minimal XP on offer, because the resentment this has to happen needs to be assuaged with something. After I’d written this list I went to the Auction house with 100k gold from a Vanity bank and bought the cheapest pets I was missing from the list regardless.

What is being asked of me when collecting vanity pets right now is beyond my ability to happily give.


I grasp why Battle pets are offered as sweeteners to buy other Blizzard titles, and that I refuse to spend large sums of money on games I’ll never play just to increase the collection by one. I’ve blogged about that before and its no big deal. This fella here, however, Lagan, has become a new form of nope, not doing that. To own him one must earn Poor, Unfortunate Souls and I’m sorry, ActiBlizz but however clever you think this is as a hoop-jumping exercise in antisocial bastards like me finding a five man to play with… nope. Just NOPE. Yeah, I’ll grind out the Pagle coins in an anonymous Raid group. I’ll solo fly multiple continents for the Blossoms, but I can do that in my own time and space it out with other stuff. The longer you force me to sit static in order to make something happen, the less of an incentive there is to do so. I’ll let someone else be unhealthy and do that, and then pay them for the privilege of doing so.


I’ve gone back to setting a limit on how long I stay static, based on my watch telling me I’ve not moved 250 steps in an hour, and this is working pretty well as a reminder to get up and do something else. It means a LFR is doable, a set of World Quests or an invasion needs a break in between, and that I’ve not played continuously for more than 3 hours in several months, and that can only be a good thing long term. More significantly, it does not remove the ability to do Achievements, only certain ones. It puts Timeless Isle drops off the table until ActiBlizz allows me to swap Timeless Coins for the items I’m missing from the Bigger Bag achievement (I know, not gonna happen.) It does however allow me to finish grinding claws for a pet. That was an appropriate use of 45 minutes.


After that, it is the same as is the case for everything else I don’t have in game and desire to own: make the time, make it happen, stop moaning.

I’ll be doing that right now.

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