On Tuesday, I decided to start asking Twitter the serious questions about Warcraft that matter to me. That meant it was time to ascertain what everybody else was doing with alts during Legion:

If we wanted to be truly scientific about all this, 376 votes is not exactly representative of the massive Warcraft audience, and there will undoubtedly exist a bias that relies on how far this poll was retweeted. However, I’d state that I feel this is a pretty good picture of the demographic of players I interact with on a daily basis: I am good friends with many people for whom a six plus alt ‘family’ is hardly amazing. I’d count myself in that number but simply don’t have the time to do everybody justice. Significant changes to game play with the introduction of 7.2 and 7.2.5 have undoubtedly had their influence:

It is undoubtedly easier to level and gear now than it was, but there remain obstacles: I can’t unlock my third relic slot in my Scrub Hunter alt without completing the Class Order hall questline, for instance, and that requires a concerted investment of time and effort. However, knowing that when the Mage hits 110 I can buy a single item that effectively negates weeks worth of grinding on Pherian, before flying off into the distance? Yeah, it makes the whole process far less stressful. Then it does come down to the time available and how you fill it. However, 30% of players are religiously remaining on a single character. I’d love to know of those people how many have alts and are simply not able to play them, if that is is indeed a factor to begin with.


Undoubtedly, providing each Class with both mounts and pets has incentivised certain players to go do all the questing: as was the case with the Artefact weapons, which I know some players have now completed for every available class/spec combination. That’s undoubtedly making the most of your subscription fee and the Expansion purchase price, and will comprehensively stick the finger up at anyone who might complain they’re short of stuff to do online. In fact, in this group of people, I can’t remember the last time anybody complained there was nothing to do and they were stuck in their Order Hall, bored. In that regard at least this expansion remains a 100% unqualified success.

7.3 news is everywhere this morning, and we’ll be making our considered judgement on that once the first blush of spoiler-filled reaction has calmed down tomorrow. What 7.2 and 7.2.5 are lacking, inevitably, is anything past what transpires once you’ve cleared the Tomb of Sargeras on any difficulty. That means that lots of eyes will be on 7.3’s development cycle and what it means for alt feasibility. Most certainly, I can see me needing to have completed certain quest lines to be able to progress successfully beyond Azeroth to Argus, but as it is early days yet I am sure there’ll be confirmation (or otherwise) that this is the case. I’ll leave that to other people who are more capable than me.


For now, I plan to get three alts to 110 and gear them all to a certain level of competence whilst waiting to see in what ways 7.3 will further expedite that experience. I had a friend ask when I thought we’d see a 110 boost this week, and I’m going to publicly state that I doubt we’ll have that until the next Expansion is announced. I’m still holding onto the Goblin gold that states we’ll see that in less than two months at Gamescon, along with the 7.3 cinematic. By then the contents of that patch will be old news for many, but for the rest of us is the expectation that if it is easier now to pick up a long-unused character, it’ll be noticeably simpler when Argus goes live.

Thank you to everybody who took part in this Poll, and watch out for further searching questions you can answer in the weeks that follow.

2 thoughts on “Seven Nation Army

  1. I feel your pain about that 3rd relic slot, I have this on my alt warrior. After juggling two chars (one main switched to another main) for a while and putting one back in almost retirement. I decided to use the use the invasions to level my other neglected alts: this is the first expansion that I have felt like being on an alt is making me miss out on something for a main one. I guess more limited time is my personal thing though.
    Either way, I’d have more fun with the other alts if I didn’t have to stick to the storyline and could just level and gear with an unlocked relic slot.


  2. I saw your poll, but couldn’t decide whether to answer “two is okay” because I’m mainly focusing on my two level 110s (Shaman and Mage) at the moment or “six plus” because I log in with all twelve of my alts almost every day to check their Order Hall mission tables and because I’m back at the Argent Tournament (again) with three of them.


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