7.3 is so new, there’s not even an official logo for it yet, so I spent some time this morning making up a temporary placeholder until that arrives. It makes me realise that, like it or not, the pace of development in this game has probably exceeded my ability to successfully digest. Yesterday morning I tried, for about an hour, to work out whether this matters enough to cover in depth on my tiny part of the Internet… and frankly, it doesn’t. Better people with more resources can do that. I’m simply not capable of committing time and thought to that kind of content any more.

Therefore, this is an advisory post. If you are coming here looking for 7.3 comment, I’m really sorry but you’ll have to wait until the patch is live. I will continue with the business of polls, alt farming and general faffing about until such times as this whole thing comes off the PTR, and then we’ll talk about it but honestly, if your life is now all about wishing away the weeks until it happens? I am politely going to excuse myself and walk away. I understand the need to have the details (and I suspect the Spoiler poll now running will bear this out, more details on Monday) but for me?


Nothing to see here, move along.

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