I see the PR department is trying different ways of advertising upcoming game content, which is why there’s this interview available via the You Tubes with two people who are famous for making Warcraft videos and the guy who runs the PC/Mac version of the franchise at present. It’s all very jovial, but I’ll be honest and say not really my cup of tea at all. There’s far too much going on, plus game footage is really a distraction that’s not needed. Fortunately for me however someone did a synopsis, and reading that gives all I really want to know right now: the future of this game is being based around multiple instanced content.

Remember my post on Portals? I was spot on.


The problem with this, plus what I now know from the jolly chat with the blokes above, takes me back to that post about ‘jumping the shark’ and that narrative coherence for me is really beginning to become a concern. In fact, having watched parts of my timeline melt over the datamining of a particular NPC in the last 48 hours… I may now be able to expect any NPC from the last 12 years to turn up in this Expansion, regardless of where I saw them last, if it means it’ll get people excited. Though I can understand why certain characters might yet make a return, this seems a pretty cynical ploy under the circumstances, especially in the context that currently exists on the PTR.

In fact, right now, I’m really not sure what to think and so it is probably a good idea not to do that any more.


These are still early days for 7.3, and I said I didn’t want any part of it, yet thanks to other people’s maliciousness I’m now involved. It means a sharper curation of the Social media feeds, locking down DM’s and now actively screening the mail I get via the website. It also means that I’ll be muting anything that could now pop up and make my brain hurt even more than it already does. Then, I’ll hopefully get a chance this week to log in, farm some resources and do the Celestial Tournament. After that, I really don’t want to know until 7.3 is two weeks away.

Until it is completely clear what is being offered in 7.3 with guides to accompany that, there is no point in reacting. When that happens?

I’ll let you know.

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