Friday night was the first time I’ve been able to log into the game for a while. On a cursory examination of Pherian’s bags, there was quite a bit of stuff collected via the Mobile app… that’s something of an understatement. There was enough AP tokens to gain an entire level.


That wasn’t the half of it, either. The insignia I managed to earn granted THREE Paragon caches, and enough follower equipment to make filling third slots for all of my Mission Specialists pretty much academic.


Plus, as the header image attests, I was able to gain Exalted with the Armies of Legionfall without a single trip to the Broken Shore. I was able to contribute to construction six times with my accumulated Legionfall resources too, which was another great glob of AP plus cash. I’ve not really been hindered at all by the inability to log in daily. In fact, it set me wondering how we could expect Mobile apps to function with this game going forward.


I’m going to upset a couple of people by bringing up a Pet Battle app (again) but there is, in my defence, good reason this time. That UI, like the Missions/Followers one, has proven longevity in game. It is a decent framework moving forward for stripping down and repurposing in other ways. Could we see a situation where ActiBlizz could build an RTS ‘app’ as a UI and offer it for people to play both inside and out of the game, with rewards being used as is the case with the Companion app right now? I feel this has to be an option going forward. Pets would be a great way to straddle both worlds too. Failing that, one presumes you could use a ‘character’ such as Pepe or one of the Murlocs on which a more light-hearted app could be based.


There is another possibility, which could combine playing portions of the game online and then having sections that could be exclusively played out on a mobile. This would then force a login (and require maintenance of a sub) but allow players without as much free time a notion of being a part of the Warcraft ‘experience’ without all the inconvenience of having to sit in front of a screen more than once every couple of days. It could also be tailored to remind players when Weekly dungeon/in game events took place, and if they chose to log in for those provide a reward that could be used exclusively inside the app.

It won’t be long before we see a true level of game/mobile interactivity. The question is now exactly how much will rely on players spending time in-game, and how much can be accomplished without.

I for one will very much welcome our mobile/in-game symbiotic Overlords.

3 thoughts on “Living by Numbers

  1. I would love more functions added to the App! Limited time to sit at computer would really help me progress here and there :) I really like the App in Legion; its easily one of the best things added for me.


  2. I believe the Pet Dungeons are being prepared as an app. There is nothing to do inside the dungeon except fight the mobs which are set in their order and location – no trash or anything else. So they do not need a 3d rendered first person experience to navigate to each fight – that could easily be done as a 2d map, and then pop to 3d fight – in which other than moving the camera we have no control over now. So a rapid expansion in pet dungeons would be in my view a fast way to build a pet app experience – to the point you could collect WoW pets without having a WoW account.

    And that would be my business plan to draw in more WoW players – attract people that would like the pet game – Pokémon players for example – and give them a set of pets to start with and then purchase in game with currency or cash. Have a limited setoff dungeons (but not stingy) that people could enjoy without parting with cash, and enhance the experience by taking the WoW battle chest.

    Once in the real WoW their pet experiences is exponentially larger and can do the same Pet Dungeons inside or outside of the game. PVP too should be possible from outside the game and I think would increase its popularity a lot – and they need not make app and computer PVP compatible though it would be nice.

    Other than that – I think a Chromie/Caverns of Time app would allow for RTS type mini games, where you play as commanders of old during some of the largest battles of the past (pre Worldcraft 1) perhaps. Or Culling of Stratholme.

    Then, with the Candy Crush team now in Blizzard, you could have a silly mini-game set around clearing Azeroth of murlocs. Or World Event games only available at the right time – a Tapper food related game for Pilgrims Bounty or Brewfest?

    I could do this all day :)


  3. I would also welcome app content that is VR but optimised for Google Cardboard or any other lowest possible form of VR – much better than WoW on Rift or Vive. And not just 360 degree video – though making some of the cut scenes available like this (the DH starting area with the excerpt from the Black Temple to begin with) would be awesome – make them unlockable through in game achievements


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