It is Tuesday. I’m still doing Missions on the phone. I’ll log in tonight and rattle off the Celestial Tournament. I’ll not get time to play again until Friday, so by then it will probably be resources and WQ’s. I doubt there’ll be any time for much else though.

I need to start logging in again and doing the JC Stuff. I’ll do that on reset tomorrow.

The Darkmoon Faire’s come and gone, again. For next month I’ll make a reminder and get everybody through the Professions quests, so at least there’s some movement on that front. I’ll do the Pet Battle thing too.

Don’t remember the last time I did a Transmog run. Maybe there’ll be some time next week to schedule one, if I can finally get ahead on writing stuff. Maybe I can fit in an early play session on Saturday for that.

This is the longest break my husband’s ever taken from Azeroth. Even my son’s stopped playing and has gone back to LoL.

This is my In-Game Life.

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