It was inevitable on reflection that we’d eventually get a permanent Timewalking raid. There are too many people currently playing who never did TBC at release, for starters. It makes perfect sense with the Illidan-centric reality we now exist within, and the number of Demon Hunters who want the Glaive transmog without years of farming. I am not one of them, and (lets be honest) am never going to be one at any point in the future. My experience with Demon Hunters in the Alpha was enough to ensure I’ll never pick one up, however attractive the rewards might become. In fact, I can predict there being a new mount at some point that only drops in the raid to make sure people keep on coming back. Except it won’t work.

There’s no desire to run this raid at all.


Finally the point’s been arrived at where the time such endeavours take to complete is beyond my ability to give. I don’t have the hours required to run this raid alone at present, let alone with a bunch of other people pretending to be at level. What is needed to complete Transmogs will happen eventually: when the situation allows I’ll get in and do it but really, truthfully, there’s nothing left to incentivise. The rewards don’t work. The only possible reason I might have for doing this is the experience of a bunch of friends, but again my schedule for this weekly event makes that impossible. It is, like it or not, just not going to happen. I never thought I’d reach this point with Azeroth but the moment has come.

I’ve done Legacy too often for this to ever be attractive.


What it does do however is allow lots of other people to wax lyrical about how great the past is and how ActiBlizz need to learn how to make better use of that… except they are. They took away all the lore from this experience so you don’t have to either worry or care what is going on. There’s no complex and involving Attunement to distract from grabbing that sweet, juicy loot. Let’s face it, the only reason most of you are running this is for the Transmog anyway. However if you want it, you’ll still require a LOT of farming to make it happen (I am reliably informed you still need the originals on someone to be able to grab the appearances.) Anyone claiming the Company doesn’t adapt from the past to make a better future, frankly is on a hiding to nothing. This is a step forward from Molten Core, and a perfect extra distraction from the Broken Isles.

I hope those who take part in the event this week get what they want from the experience.

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