Having established that Polls on Twitter are a wonderful thing, it is time to get our game on and use them for good, to establish once and for all the question everyone says they know the answer to but is never 100% set:

What’s the Best Class in World of Warcraft?

Starting on Tuesday, we’ll be running three weeks worth of Polls in the first round of ‘voting’. So you know who is up against each other, here’s a lovely graphic to explain it all:


That means starting on July 18th, it will be a battle between the two Hero Classes in Warcraft. There’ll be a Blog Post on each of them, and you’ll be invited on Social media to share your stories and support your class as the ‘contest’ unfolds. The prize, of course, will be undoubted bragging rights for the rest of the year.

This is a bit of summer fun as there’s not much real Warcraft news right now and this will help us all survive the wait until Gamescon. Hopefully you’ll be willing to take part in the Contest, and perhaps share your own stories via blogs and Social media of your favourite class and why. If you do, please use the hashtag #WoWClassWars so I can find your comments.

I look forward to seeing everybody for the opening Eliminator on Tuesday morning :D

2 thoughts on “Class Wars, 2017 Edition

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