Since when did this game just become about numbers?


I know, it has ALWAYS been that way. Ever since you needed to farm everything that wasn’t on a cooldown to heal yourself, it has been manipulating the maths. Somewhere along the way, from then to here, everything now has significance. There’s a  countdown timer for Invasions. Well, who knew. Random is now only reserved for loot, but to be honest that’s not true either. They put in Legendary protection, so you don’t feel like the game totally hates you.


All these numbers. Look at them. Using data to predict what people will want is all well and good, but numbers have no soul. The 1’s and 0’s that make the game work require more than just themselves to be whole. Story matters. Please tell me there’s lots of story in 7.3, because I’m afraid by what I’m seeing. Forging your Artifact, new things I have to grind and fill up, another massive effort to get to a stage where I have a weapon I only use to grind mobs with to make my weapon more powerful. I hear there’s a faction with seven mounts as rewards. There’s a story to get those, right? It’s a good one?


I realise I’m being a hypocrite. I tell other people if they don’t like what they’re seeing then keep it to yourself: nobody likes complainers or whiners, and right now I feel like both. This is still PTR content, it could all change when it goes live. The trouble is, the maths won’t. The multiple worlds won’t. This is what people want, it is just not what I want. I’m the problem here, because I now won’t raid even in LFR. If you won’t put in the hours to play the game properly, Alt, what do you expect? If you raided and had an active Guild life none of this would be an issue. All those people enjoying what they’re given are proof this is what constitutes the future. Give it a rest.

But really, there’s lots of story in 7.3, yes? It isn’t just contrived in the same way we end up with Argus on the front door? Warcraft lore really matters going forward, right?

HANG ON this book’s out NEXT YEAR? Is it true what I hear that there’s not going to be a Volume 4? Is it also true what I hear, from multiple sources that lore that was already rewritten to be included in this is now being ignored in 7.3? Of course, I could go and check but I promised myself I wouldn’t do that so I wasn’t spoilt and now, I suppose, I’m upset in a whole new way. Well, that sucks. I’m not blaming anyone who told me this, by the way. I’m not blaming ActiBlizz either, because they’ll have their reasons, and I think it is now fairly clearly established that entertainment beats lore anyway. Most people just want shiny loot, and aren’t that fussed as long as things look great.

It’s okay. Things are totally fine.

Why do I feel like someone just ripped out my heart?


7.3 spoilers are unavoidable if I want to use any third party site. There is no way to avoid stuff any more except not playing. I still want to play, but have too much Real Life that matters more. I don’t think I’ve felt this confused since the days before Warlords. Writing it down however has helped. I shouldn’t judge anything just from PTR data. This is still early days. They’re gonna still let me play the Mobile App, right, or do I have to go unlock a load of new stuff to keep using that?

Why is the sheer weight of new information for this patch that I’ve managed to pick up without reading a single post on 7.3 making me feel physically sick?

. Sadface .

One thought on “Living by Numbers

  1. Ummm – there were loads of complaints about not having invasions up when people were playing the game, so its natural that having a countdown to when the next is on will help people plan their play time so they do not miss out. The artefact knowledge system is there to provide some form of gating so that pro players without real jobs don’t just burn through the content, while still rewarding people who want to grind for doing so, and making sure those that don’t want to grind don’t get left behind.

    Publishing the numbers behind the system is nothing new – back in the day of D&D when it was all pencil paper and dice you had know what the numbers were as there was no system to do it for you. Computers hid the numbers, but they are still important and people want to know what they are or cry foul when they don’t get what they want.

    Story? I think the Legion story has been far better than the last expansion. But what is the difference between Lore and Story? A good story is a good story – Lore is what pedants refer to when they want to make everyone else feel small. I think there is a section of the player base that thinks only content from Warcraft I – III can be used to form WoW.

    Every thing that advances the story creates new lore. Star Wars & Star Trek have juggled this for decades longer than Warcraft – sometimes getting it right and sometimes not. When they get it right, it is because the story and characters have been strong and convincing, not because every little detail has dovetailed with every little detail from the past.

    For me the biggest issue of the last few years reactions to PTR by commentators on the game the and how data mining sites behave. Spinning stories out of things to drive content to their sites and earning advertising revenue with no genuine concern for the player – just whether or not Blizzard is doing something that they can use to drive their own business (the one reason I visit this site is that this is not the case here).


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