We’ll discuss the results of Tuesday’s Poll (and this one) once all the votes are in at the weekend: for now, it is time for the next match-up: Priest versus Druid.


Priests have been at the core of raid composition and PvP utility since Vanilla: an awful lot has changed in the intervening decade and a bit, but many players remain staunchly Holy, Shadow or Discipline. Redefined Class ‘fantasy’ gives genuine variety and depth to healers who often suffered over the years under the weight of bad design and player expectation. However, with the complete redesign of Discipline as a spec that works outside PvP, and the literal lunacy involved with Shadow, both these lesser branches of the discipline can stand equally with Holy giving a genuinely diverse range of play styles.

It also took a while, but all three specs are now viable both for healing and damage dealing, which certainly wasn’t the case in the early years. This is one class for whom the removal of talent trees probably helped and not hindered development. They’re also lucky enough to own some of the most iconic and beautiful tier sets I think that have ever been produced.


My first ever character in Warcraft was a Druid: back then you had three specs but now there are four, and if my son’s complaints are correct that Feral overhaul coming in 7.3 is long overdue. In terms of variety, two dps, a healer and a tank spec should be enough to keep everybody happy, and it means that Druid only Guilds do surprisingly well in clearing current content without help from anybody else. Add to that the various travel forms, Shadowmeld and stealth, and frankly you should never need another class to do anything.

A large portion of Legion’s content could also be considered as being Druid specific (including an entire raid based around the Emerald Nightmare.) However, I’ve found it very difficult to pick up any of the new redesigns in Legion with confidence of skill. Are they too complicated? Is four specs too many for one player to grasp?

class - wars

Now’s your chance to decide which is the better class and why, plus add your voice to the discussion which we’ll break down in a post at the weekend.


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