Once upon a time it really mattered to me that this Blog was a success. I was determined to be popular, and have people discussing my work. That was because there was an overriding need to feel a part of something special and important. It took a while to grasp that what mattered more was how I felt about things, that if I could be happy about myself that it didn’t matter if I wasn’t successful. Many people have asked why I keep blogging when it is abundantly apparent nobody reads posts like these any more, and the answer is simple. This is my way of talking about the game to anybody who cares to listen. Once I rationalised that I don’t need hundreds of people to hear me, just the opportunity to post my thoughts, it all makes perfect sense.

I am finally at peace with this game and the way I express my opinion.


There are those people who think that if I restarted raiding, or was in an active Guild, I’d again feel better able to write more compelling posts. I don’t need that  distraction any more. I also don’t need to step back from Warcraft or reassess my priorities, this isn’t about me leaving. I’ll be paying a sub until they shut down the Servers, because I don’t have time for any games right now. Writing as a career has finally superseded writing about Warcraft as a career. There, I said it. This blog, where I set the groundwork and plied my trade for seven years, remains as a physical manifestation I owe to the game and its designers as the inspiration to help me find myself again.

It would probably have happened earlier, truth be told. Had I managed to secure a paid gig sooner, and finally got the validation that I was indeed a capable writer, this journey would have taken a different path. In that regard, the most important lesson you’ll ever learn about ‘Community’ is that if your face doesn’t fit, you’ll never be accepted, regardless of ability. Those people able to look past their petty conceptions of what matters most, who refuse to allow differences to sway their thinking… these are the truly good people in the World. The day I earnt my first paycheque as a Warcraft writer was, in effect, the breaking of my own glass ceiling.


What saddens me most, across all the years of doing this, are bright stars who were driven away by selfish people and their desire to succeed. It makes me even more determined, as I begin the next chapter of my life, to embrace those who care about what I am as a person above the ability to give them something to talk about on Social media. More importantly, I hope one day to pay back all those people who provided me with a Patreon wage in these early months, that I’ll be able to make enough money from my craft to allow this to happen. I would not know ANY of these people without Warcraft as the enabler. I am well aware of this, but I sure as fuck do not intend to use my influence or presence to encourage ANYONE to fund me. The thought of that makes me physically ill.


This blog will continue to post as long as I have ideas and the time to do so. It won’t ever close in a blaze of glory. I won’t dramatically leave or state I’ve stopped playing either, because whenever I have a quiet moment, I’ll be online. I just wanted to make it clear, for the record, I’m not here to capitalise on this game because the amount of people now doing just that don’t need anyone else involved. If anything now, I’d like NOT to be seen as chasing on the coattails of esports and 7.3 because honestly, all the fun’s been wrung out of all of this for me. Part of the reason why I’m not feeling it for Argus is just that: once upon a time we were told stories. Now everything’s a marketing opportunity or a bandwagon. Nope, I’ll keep talking when I feel the need, but I’m done selling a franchise that is being marketed to death.

If you want to talk about Warcraft as a hobby and not a job, I’ll be here.

2 thoughts on “Warm Sound

  1. There are quite a few of use that have been here a long time, now I am by no means the longest reader here, I think I have been here since the second MoP patch and Sarah’s blog was actually recommended to me by ‘Qelric’ and I am grateful to her for that. So with a bit of napkin math, that would put us roughly at 2013.

    Now most Warcraft readers will not know me on my personal account but rather my gaming account which was the mad Shaman ‘Ravensword’. This blog was my primary place for Warcraft news, as well as ‘Azeroth in 5’ yes I was here for the original incarnation of that, and I pestered Sarah to bring it back, which she did for a while. I did occasionally frequent Wowhead and MMO-Champion, including the day it was announced that Alt was a Dude So as you can see I have been taking in Sarah’s Warcraft content for quite some time.

    Did we always agree with each other? Not at all, in fact I famously said that I only agreed with 50% of what she had to say, but we have never argued in open Twitter because I know if I have a problem I can DM her and she will listen to what I have to say. Now she has called me a ‘Deputy Downer’ in the past and I have had more ‘Cape Swish’ and ‘Nick Off” GIFs than most, but it is all done in fun.

    Away from Warcraft there are many things that myself and Sarah disagree about, but what I will say is if you can gave it a chance and see past the often sharpness that Sarah displays in a lot of her communication, you will see somebody that will listen to the other side of any argument she is making as long as it has solid rationale. Communicate with Sarah, have discussions about the posts either on Twitter or even better in the comments sections of the blogs (not enough people do that by the way).

    Another thing that you could do is to take in some of Sarah’s other writing, when I was first here four years ago I was only here for Warcraft but over time I started to read some of the other stuff and found it really interesting and quite often it gives a better opportunity for discussion that the Warcraft posts. So I would ask everyone just it give it a try for a week and see what you think. If it is not your cup of tea, fine just return to the Warcraft content.

    I owe the Warcraft blog a lot, as it gave me good information and also I was able to network with other people in the community although I do not seem to chat much to them much anymore since I took a break from Warcraft, last November. I do however still read the Warcraft blog every day. If it was not for the Warcraft blog I would not be reading Sarah’s other content, so it has been fantastic in more ways than one, and long may that continue.

    Now Sarah is progressing to other projects and I am glad she is widening her horizons in this way, I always said that I would back any writing projects she took on , so I am happy that I was given the opportunity to do this through Patreon and I love that Sarah gives us the opportunity to have some creative input with her writing with polls and suggestions. This gives each Patreon feel as though they are putting something into the journey.

    This is purely from a personal point of view and everyone’s reason for supporting Sarah will be different. I do it not just for the great content that being a Patreon provides but also as a thank you for 4+ years of outstanding Warcraft content while I have been here, never forget the fun and popcorn we got through while live tweeting Blizzcons. I really wish some more of the Warcraft community would take a chance and back the project, just to see what it is like. I know that not everyone is in the financial position to do so, but you can back it with a very small donation each month.

    Anyway that is my take on things and as with most things internet related, plenty will agree and plenty will disagree. Just let us all play nice, sure make your point, but do it in a respectful manner. If you don’t ‘Ravensword’ may have to come out of retirement and then you will be in trouble. So whether I see you on Twitter or in Azeroth (possibly), keep reading the blogs and keep talking :-)

    Rob (rjdeducation) (Ravenswordx)

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  2. I like Alt’s writing, content and attitude. I do believe that people writing about WoW to make money and not because they have things about the game they want to share is responsible for a lot of the angst and animosity people have towards the game and developers.

    If there is nothing new to write about, then professional WoW bloggers haver their income stream cut off. So content droughts make them angry, and they also resort to the tabloid belief that bad news sells. So much better to spend all your time being critical than to be constructive or to investigate little know aspects of the game, or to look into the people playing it.

    Online journalism doesn’t need to have a shred of truth to it anyway – just write anything sol long as it is click bait. It why Alt’s site is one of very few I still read because its not like that. I don’t always agree with her stance – especially when something I think is minor is irritating the hell out of her – but she always backs up her beliefs and feelings with why she feels that way and doesn’t tell me I must feel the same way too.

    So i’ll keep coming back as long as this site is here.


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