It is Week two our no holes barred contest to find the BEST CLASS IN WARCRAFT. Who will join Death Knights and Druids from last week? Well, let us kick things off today with a match up that has had more than a few people shaking their heads: why have I stuck Warriors against Paladins? In part it is the battle of the plate wearers, but there is more to it than that…


Once upon a time they were the quintessential Tank: the Warrior was an indispensable part of your Vanilla party. Now, of course, they’re fighting a battle with Paladins, DKs and all those leather wearers for the title of Meatshield. However, there’s always been alternatives to just tanking, right back from the start. Warriors make a lot of noise, in my experience: I’ve never had the patience to level one past the 40’s, mostly because their resource system confused me far too much. However, their complexity is one of the reasons why so many people have stuck with the class for decades. This is a class with far more depth than at first appears.

However, the people behind the characters have put up with a lot over the years. Of all the classes I’ve interacted with, this is the one whose Real Life ‘operators’ have become angry enough with the treatment of their class not only to quit, but to do so in the most spectacular manners possible. The changes to Class fantasy seem to have divided players down the middle too: Warriors are now a bit like Marmite. You either love these changes completely or it is hate all the way.


So, this is where my vote goes for this round, and I’ve never tanked with a Paladin in my life. However, Retribution and Holy have been part of my playing career, with both providing a surprising amount of satisfaction along the way. Of all the plate classes I’ve tried to pick up and master, this was the simplest, though it did help I levelled with the best Paladin Tank I’ve ever known. Once you have someone who knows a class inside out and can heal in Tank spec better than you can in Holy? Things are considerably easier.

That being said, I think the Paladins got the best deal of anyone with their Class Hall location and generally speaking the coolest looking of the Artefact weapons, and so really what is there not to like about them? Many people have asked why I didn’t stick them against Shaman for the Vanilla rivalry, but that’s not what we’re about here. This about enjoyment in a class, and satisfaction at an experience well produced. Let’s be fair, with a boatload of lore in game that’s just theirs, and heroes like Uther to look up to… who doesn’t want to roll a Paladin at least once?

Now’s your chance to decide which is the better class and why, plus add your voice to the discussion which we’ll break down in a post at the weekend.

VOTING CLOSES 9am Thursday July 27th.

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