Okay, not gonna lie, been looking forward to this once since I organised the the Polls. I’ve played both these classes, on and off, since Vanilla. They are, in my mind, two of the most fun classes in the game. Both have been very much full of class fantasy long before the concept was even introduced. Mostly, they’re just a great combination to set off against each other in a fight to the death:


Yes, we’ve heard all the jokes about mages being nothing more than a sophisticated  transport and food delivery system. However, since Vanilla they have been a class that pretty much excelled at everything they did, across three specs. I’ve PvP’d, Instanced and Raided as Frost, Fire and Arcane in my Warcraft career, and I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of the flexibility. Frost remains my spec of choice, and I can solo stuff on the Broken Isles without breaking sweat. A lot of the criticism I hear of the ‘glass cannon’ nature of Mages is, in my mind, largely unjustified. With Blink plus situational awareness, just about anything is possible.

Legion’s bought these guys possibly one of the best Class Halls in the game: right smack in the middle of Dalaran. I really have enjoyed the process of levelling too: the artefact took a few goes to get, sure, but I came into the Expansion with substandard gear to begin with. Assuming I get the time across the summer, I’ll have a Mage at max level before a Warlock… however, I don’t have nearly as much emotional investment in the character, and herein lies my issue…


Ah, I miss you Cynwise. He taught me how to Warlock properly, and I needed it. My Lock was the second character I levelled to 60, especially to act as a Pet Tank for Garr in Molten Core. There are so many good memories that surround my Destro Lock it is hard to pick favourites, but it is the entire ethos of the class which makes it so seductive and  totally addictive. In a way, without Warlocks we’d not be off to Argus now, because they were the original means by which the Burning Legion’s presence was exposed to Azeroth, at least in narrative terms for me.

I feel quite guilty, because my Lock’s stuck doing Jewelcrafting dailies right now and not levelling. However, she remains one of the most significant parts of the entire play time experience in the game, because of just how much fantasy the Lock ‘ideal’ has carried with it since launch. I think only Hunters have more, and that’s why I picked one as my main.

Now’s your chance to decide which is the better class and why, plus add your voice to the discussion which we’ll break down in a post at the weekend.

VOTING CLOSES 9am Saturday July 29th

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