Another week is over, and again it is time to look at the numbers and discuss what we’ve learnt about how Warcraft fans and their favourite classes. Let’s start with Tuesday’s poll, and the two plate wearing powerhouses:

Warrior v Paladin


As has been the case last week, a lot more people interacted with the Poll than actually voted, and the final vote was a lot less close than I’d personally expected. In the end, I suspect the Paladin benefited from a lot of factors, not least being the one that you can play either healer, tank or DPS as opposed to Warriors who are less blessed in their choices:

With a week’s worth of voting already under our belts, I wondered if we’d get more comments as a result of the feature gaining traction, and that appears to be the case:

There were some lovely moments of admission: Warriors are glass cannons, Paladins can do everything and are therefore indispensable. However, having said that, there are those who clearly have played warriors for a long time and are quite proud of not simply of that status, but the notion of power that ‘lifestyle’ presents:

However, it was clear quite early on that Paladins held the more popular support, and at no point did it ever look as if the Holy Avengers were going to be in difficulty. I’d strongly suggest taking time to look at the responses in your own time, too, there are some lovely ones to take in (as has been the case in all the Polls thus far.)

Then, we come to the only battle so far that has had any notion of closeness.

Mage v Warlock


This vote holds the current record for highest engagement rate too: unsurprising considering what is genuinely a rivalry towards the two cloth wearing casters. In the end however, despite efforts to rally the troops of the Twisting Nether, it was Azeroth’s finest who won the day:

With the most responses, this thread is a veritable Goldmine of Awesome :D


I tell you what, there were more GIFS in responses than any other class, the reasoning was 100% more passionate than it has been in any other poll, and at no point has any match up made me cry with laughter as this one did. Maybe it is because I have feet in both camps, or perhaps it is because casters don’t take themselves nearly as seriously as everyone else… I dunno. Whatever it was, this remains my personal favourite match-up so far, and we haven’t even got to Hunters yet:

Next week, on Tuesday and Thursday, we have the third and final round of preliminary voting as follows:

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