Warcraft Haiku Contest

After literally dozens of entries and a long weekend of deliberation, I’ve picked the three winners of this inaugural contest. The standard was, it has to be said, unbelievably high: entries covered all manner of NPC as subjects, including Nomi, Murlocs and nearly all the Warcraft racial leaders. However, the winners were, in my opinion at least, the haiku that painted the concept of Azeroth with a larger, yet delicate brush. In the case of the winning entry, it was a beautiful use of a line of dialogue, combined with the most personal of affirmations. Congratulations therefore to Panda Steve (otherwise known to @ikralla on Twitter) who scoops the $50 Gift voucher, with runner up prizes of $20 Gift vouchers going to Victoria Ross and Bradley Weaver.

Congratulations to you all and I’ll be contacting you this week to pass on your prizes. Thank you again to everybody who took part, and I hope to see you next year for the 2018 Contest :D

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