There’s not been an actual Warcraft post around these parts for a while now, and the more astute of you will already have worked out the reason: I’ve not been online to play for close to a month. It isn’t because I don’t want to either, not a day goes by when I don’t think about what I could be doing, or how lovely it would be to have the time to lose myself in gameplay and not worry about everything else there is to do. The harsh fact remains that, like it or not, Warcraft has become too much of a distraction even if only played through the Mobile app. I simply can’t afford the time any more, not when I have to earn enough money to keep subs running… and on that front, I have paid for my son to reactivate his account, at the cost of my second.

If I want to start playing again, I will need both time and cash to do so.


Azeroth has occupied a special place in my heart for many years, and there will not be a point where I up sticks and leave. I care enough about showing my loyalty to the company who make it by continuing to maintain a primary sub for the foreseeable future, and no doubt by the time 7.3 rolls around (which will be I suspect the time of Gamescon when I return from a short break with family) I’ll be off and running doing the new content on Pherian. I do realise this is but scant lip service to the obvious breadth and depth of what’s on offer, but I’d also be lying if I said I was enamoured of the direction things have taken with narrative. I suspect, at least until we hear about the Expansion, I’ll have scant interest in any of the content anyway.

It is still entirely possible, as 7.3 is going to drop the week of Gamescon, that we could see an Expansion announcement, and with the reveal that Jaina’s the signature art for Warcraft’s presence at Blizzcon this year, those rumours about a Kul Tiras themed adventure won’t go away. Now, if they were going to make the city state a fully fledged third faction… then I might be interested enough to make time in my schedule…

One thought on “Warm Sound

  1. Wait, wait, wait. I mean, obviously I will have to wait until tomorrow. But I’m going to make some remarks anyway. You’ll probably already have taken them into account, but maybe it will help spawn further thought.

    Jaina and Kul Tiras are linked and that link’s been made in this blog post so no problem so far. A third faction would probably be one in which Horde races could co-operate with Alliance races. But here’s the conflict because Jaina has one with every member of the Horde. She went out to find allies who could help the Alliance overthrow the Legion without any help of the Horde and Kul Tiras is a histroic enemy of the Horde (which is why there was some bad blood between her and her heritage’s kingdom).

    On the other hand, if Kul Tiras was chosen as a replacement for the Horde in an alliance against the Legion, there’s certainly reason to believe it’s got enough man power to be a faction on its own. Additionally, there are members of the Alliance who’re less than happy with their current leadership and would rather support a renegade faction that’s out for revenge on the Horde, so Kul Tiras could bolster their troops there.

    It’s also imaginable that Jaina and Kul Tiras took over the Alliance because Anduin and crisis of trust and whatever, and he, Velen, and some more amicable parts of the Alliance would have to form a neutral faction. But normally you’d use the Kirin Tor for that, wouldn’t you? And then there’s the question of how you’d let old Alliance players choose their faction. When would they choose? Making people choose a third faction at the beginning of their journey would make sense, if boosting was the only way you could create a character going forward, or Azeroth had gotten an overhaul and all quests and areas would have been redesigned with three factions in mind (and a few other things, that finally put this game together again).


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