This morning, I logged in early and removed all my toons from the Guild I’ve been a part of since Vanilla. The decision to do this really should have happened years ago, after I tried (as GM) to relaunch the Guild as something inspirational, which pissed off a bunch of people who disagreed with a collective decision by myself and the Officers. I don’t want to rehash the past any more, and what should have happened at the time is what’s been done now. So, here I am in what has been a Vanity Guild for a few years. It gives me 21,000 rep to grind, no Guild chat to concern myself with and a much needed fresh slate on which to work on.


The people I truly care about are no longer playing, on a break or gone for good. As a result, there are really no ties left to my old life, and as I was actively avoiding logging in because I didn’t want to talk to people… This is probably a sign it is time to move on. I work on the theory that if people are upset they’ll tell me (that’s certainly been the case in the past) and I’ll simply deal with this as and when it happens. For everybody else? It’s not like you can’t find me. I’ve been here for seven years, after all. As has been established I’m not upping sticks and stopping playing. I’m well aware other people are doing exactly the same elsewhere, so I may as well stop worrying about offending people and just do what makes me happy.

Here I am, doing just that.


The relief at shifting myself forward is palpable.

What happens next, of course, is not entirely certain. I’ll need some time to sort myself out, but as we’re off on a mini break starting on Thursday, that won’t actually happen for a while. However, what I can do before I go away is grind some resources for the Mobile app, clear up bags and start planning on what happens going forward. As a firmly casual player, there are some aspirations: fishing artefact, mounts, finally finishing my recipe collections. Once that’s done, I suspect I’ll start the process of levelling alts and waiting for the next Expansion.

There’ll also be a lot of screen capping, playing with transmog and general faffing, which has been missing since an incident earlier in the year when someone in my Guild really upset me rather a lot and I finally realised I didn’t feel comfortable remaining there. Now that is resolved in my own mind, it is time to move forward.

I hope you’ll consider joining me on my new adventure.

One thought on “Sunrise

  1. i tried for two years to resurrect a guild that meant a lot to me. Others joined in but ultimately it didn’t work. I had two good goes at getting it right – it took all my non-work wakinghours (and a fair bit of work time too, setting up websites and writing to the people joining me on my journey).

    I left once, someone i should not have let join the guild turned out to be a tosser and in my inexperience – caught in the crossfire from all sides and seeing my dream crumble – feeling myself crumble; I left. And i renamed my main and main alt, and changed my Btag. Moved all my alts and went off the grid.

    It took three or four weeks before a concerned guild member tracked me down – still not sure how. It took another four or five months before i went back – but definately not to run it. And the irritating person was better behaved. For a while.

    It still took a huge amount of effort – finding good people, loosing good people as they wanted to join better guilds – being the person everyone expected to arrange their collective playtime for them – despite not being ‘in-charge’. Then the prat started up again – being spiky – running the guild and its people down but not doing the decent thing and leave. This time i just removed him – which i should have done on day one. It didn’t really solve much – i was in a bad place, couldn’t stop playing the game, but hated every minute I played. So two years after starting the project up I left for good.

    It took a few weeks of looking but i eventually found a guild to join that had everything the guild i was trying to fix had lost years earlier. I moved servers and haven’t lloked back. I thought I wanted to raid and do group stuff and push myself, but I;ve found that doesn’t really matter to me. Being i a group of people that are friendly, some times chatty sometimes not, fun but focused, clear about raiding rules – putting serious (but still fun) and very casual times in so everyone gets to do what they want without creating drama.

    Its quite rare I’ve discovered.

    Everything i thought was wrong with the game was really down to my unhappyness with my guild and the immediate community I was in. There were some good, nice people there but many that were not. It hurt to leave the good ones behind – but a full clean break was what i needed and its done the world of good.

    So I’d say don’t limit your options. Who knows what good you’ve unlocked by taking that step.


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