The dust has settled, and after several weeks of voting, I can officially confirm the Best Class in Warcraft according to Twitter should be no surprise to anybody at all:

I main-ed a Druid during Wrath, it should be stated at this point for the record. I totally get the flexibility, diversity and general awesomeness of the class. It is also fair to say that some of the loveliest and most understanding people I know play them. In all of the voting, without exception, they were also the most vocal, passionate and determined to make their points with a smile. Frankly, I think the right class won the day.

There’s a cynical part of me that might argue that a large portion of Legion was made for Druids to begin with: a complete redesign of their forms, an entire zone just for them with an extremely lore-heavy quest line… but it isn’t just that. Druids encompass what’s best about Warcraft, after all these years in the game. They are pure fantasy backed up by a storyline that has maintained interest and support since Vanilla. Despite complaints over the nature and depth of class fantasy, their audience remains loyal, devoted and capable of doing everything in game without complaint. They are their own holy trinity plus one, after all: the all Druid Guilds will tell you that any instance is doable with enough persistence. However, when all is said and done, Druids are fun. If they weren’t, Hunters would have won instead.

Congratulations to the Best Class in game. May you enjoy a year of tummy rubs, no woodworm and instant flight form for all it is worth.

4 thoughts on “The Druids

  1. My main since original is a druid – and back then they were mostly only good for innervate. Fun to see them grow as the game has. Nice win for the forest/bears/owls/cats!


  2. I started the game as druid. My daughter named and designed my druid when she was 3.
    I am most certainly an altoholic, but my druid will always resonate with me.
    Even as spells and abilities have… shifted. I have stood by the class and been rewarded.


  3. I love the flexibility (ah, for the days of shifting to Bear to save a dungeon run after joining as a Cat), and flying. Instant Flight Form just makes the game better. My Druid is the ultimate class for exploring, which is what I do most.


  4. Since picking Druid up towards the end of cata I was instantly in love with the class. Even with having all classes at 110 now, I couldn’t imagine maining another class in the foreseeable future and it’s mostly because of the forms and utility and versatility a Druid has that no other class does.


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