I had a lot of time to think whilst I was away, about a great many things.

Letting go of the past is tough for some. I used to have this issue but now realise that life is too short to deprive yourself of enjoyment. Therefore, I logged in this morning, spent an hour getting resources for Pherian to use the Mobile app, and when I’m finished with work today I’ll start planning the future not only for her but my family of alts. The future, in my Vanity Guild, is looking considerably brighter.


The first order of business is to establish a weekly schedule similar to the one that I now run for my real life work, so that there’s a chance to slowly but sensibly chip away at the backlog of questing and rewards I’d like to work at. That includes:

  • Finishing Pet Battle quests, including the Mounts available in Legion
  • Completing the Professions Questlines for as many alts as possible
  • Dealing with the backlog of old recipes not yet obtained
  • Deciding which mounts to focus on during Legacy farming
  • Keeping up to date with gear changes for alts (though 7.3 will make this considerably easier)
  • Knocking off old and outstanding Achievements
  • Selling things and maintaining an Auction House presence

That’s a lot to start with, but I hope with judicious organisation there’s a chance to make it all work. I’d also like to make it clear this involves no Mythic Plus, dungeon running in current content (for anything except quests) or indeed any raiding above LFR. I do appreciate those people who’ve offered the opportunity to do this but really, truthfully, current gear rewards offer no interest and there is absolutely no desire to have an iLevel past what I can gain from current craftables or World Quests. Those days are gone, and I feel far more comfortable for the change.


Most importantly of all, I really need to sort some new Transmog looks. Part of me is rather grateful I missed the Trial of Style completely, because there’s no pressure to feel like I’m being forced to be competitive with that too. I’ll keep up to date with details today from Gamescom, and am assuming we’ll be live with 7.3 next week.

I’m already looking forward to getting my head around what needs to be done.

One thought on “This is the Day

  1. Aww the trial of style was actually quite fun, it was the first batch of all good interaction in WoW I’d seen in a while where people were being chatty and nice to each other. Possibly just for votes but either way it worked :D


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