Yesterday, I had an evening of play. It was hugely productive, and very satisfying.


Pherian’s heartstone is now set to Ironforge, where she’ll remain going forward. Her mailbox this morning was full of gold, after lots of stuff got sold before bedtime last night. Of the four Falcosaur quest lines, she only has the Bloodgazer component left to begin. Five fish remain uncatched in order to move Artefact Fishing Pole progress along, and in an hour waiting for a hire car yesterday I’ve shoved myself into Friend status with Conjurer Margoss:


This seems like a decent glob of current progress to begin working on now we have 7.3 confirmed for next week. It also seems largely pointless to do anything with Kumiho’s questing progress except gather Resources this week as so much stuff should automatically unlock once the patch hits. I have a 910 Life iLevel Relic ready for her third slot thanks to the Broken Shore World Boss I killed yesterday, and perhaps there can be a run through the Nighthold later tonight for her to get enough upgrades to be eligible for the Tomb at the weekend. There’s currently a Legion assault in Highmountain I’ll get her to once I’ve finished writing this, and then the 106 Mage can do the same.


After that, it will be as I’d planned before the start of the Summer: play as and when I can, work on capping as many alts as is viable but in a focussed and determined fashion. Yesterday’s list gets worked on and I attempt one major blob of progression at a time, without getting distracted by other things. If I can manage to make slow, steady progress it will feel as if what I’m doing is worthwhile. I will gain satisfaction simply by doing what I set out to achieve, and that will be enough.

What I found yesterday, as I worked my way through World Quests and various stages of the Falcosaur chains, is that the most enjoyment comes simply by the mechanics of playing. Not dying, picking up large groups of mobs solo, making cash from everything I can skin and sell. It is not about hoping for drops, or planning on what upgrades can be make any more. I will admit however that the process for ‘improving’ Legendaries is really satisfying: I have two done now, with two more in the bank to upgrade. In fact I think I prefer this more than the randomness of drops: if I can get an item with the best stats and keep it? Looks don’t matter, because that’s what Transmog is for.


By far the biggest joy yesterday was fishing, followed in close second by the First Aid Quests where I get to heal random NPC’s. I’m sorry, but everything else is just mechanics and grinding right now.

I REALLY hope 7.3 is as full of plot as the Designers keep telling me it is.

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