It has taken a while [*], but finally I have the first of four Falcosaur Mounts.

In an ideal World of Warcraft, all content would be delivered like this. A clearly defined path of quests, involving elements of pet battling, which reward persistence and attendance with a desirable end result. They expect a player to be prepared to participate in group content, that social is a part of the UI, as well as concentrating on individual attainment.

It is a fifteen step process to obtain your Snowfeather Falcosaur based on the simplest of game play templates:

Day 1: Falcosaur levelled to 25 (yes, I used a stone ^^)
Day 2: Visit an Alliance Inn/Horde Inn for pet ‘acclimatisation’ to your Faction.
Day 3: Beat three Northern Hawk Owls in Highmountain via pet battle.
Day 4: Complete five World Quests in Highmountain (Hatchling summoned.)
Day 5: Complete three Pet Battle World Quests (Hatchling summoned.)
Day 6: Complete one Rare Elite World Quest (Hatchling summoned.)
Day 7: Beat three Spiketail Beavers in Highmountain via pet battle.
Day 8: Complete three PVP World Quests (Hatchling summoned.)
Day 9: Buy a Tiny Pack, be rewarded with a Toy Box item.
Day 10: Beat three Mudshell Conch in Highmountain via pet battle.
Day 11: Kill Naraxas (Neltharion’s Lair; Hatchling summoned.)
Day 12: Beat three Coralback Fiddler in Highmountain (Hatchling + TWO Elemental pets.)
Day 13: Kill Ursoc (Emerald Nightmare; Hatchling summoned.)
Day 14: Complete three Pet Battle World Quests (Hatchling + TWO Undead Pets.)
Day 15: Return to Highmountain, locate the Snowfeather Matriach and heal her, thus finally bonding an adult Snowfeather to you.


Day 15: A Suitable Reward

In reality, it can take less than 15 days, because logging out and back into the game will allow you to do more than one quest a day. However, you can’t binge, and there is the need to be patient. I’d strongly suggest the Rematch addon if you don’t own it already: if you’re new to battling there are various guides to help you pick the best pets to power level. For the record, I picked two totally random Undead and Elemental pets for those particular quests and had no issues at all, whilst this team combo finished off the other twelve plus battles without problem:


I suspect it is not without reason that the Falcosaur pet’s pretty robust as a solo pick: in many cases I’d be able to finish off all or at least two out of three of the pets in the battle combos without even needing any help. The biggest single obstacle for me was the queuing time for the Instances: it took an hour to get an Ursoc group, but this won’t be a problem once the content can be rofflestomped. It is infinitely preferable to having to rely on a spawn timer or camping rares, knowing that there is a distinct reward at the end of your journey, and  more than one quest line/pet foster can run simultaneously. Today’s task me is to pick up the food needed to tempt a Bloodgazer Hatchling, make sure it is in my inventory (Azunian Grapes) and wait for the WQ to kill in that area to pop.

After that, I kill the Bloodgazer Matriarch (OR DO I?) to spawn the Hatchling, and I’ll have the remaining three out of four quest lines on the go.


I’m crossing everything that the next Expansion contains more content such as this. It is perfect for the solo player, giving finite value to playtime that really helps make the achievement more satisfying. I’d like to thank those responsible for making these adventures for me to complete, and that they’re not dependant on either gear level or individual skill.

For that fact alone I am infinitely grateful.

[*] Your Definition of A While will vary.

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