Some people don’t play games ‘properly’, and by that I mean give a rats arse about success or failure. They’re not here to be World First, or watch other people’s esports aspirations. Then, there are those who do play properly 90% of the time yet need an alt geared, or perhaps something to do whilst they watch porn, stream Netflix or chat on Discord. I know all these things happen at the same time as fighting in Azeroth because I’ve heard them all legitimately used as excuses. The porn one was a surprise, until I discovered more about the person concerned. Needless to say, they’re no longer on my Blizzard Battle.net friends list.

Anyone with any sense knows that trying to LFR at weekends or late at night is about as successful as Arsenal’s Premiership title aspirations: it all starts well enough, and then someone lets the side down and inevitably, everything goes Pete Tong at the end. Last night for me became a microcosm of all that is wrong with group play outside of formal raiding in Legion and, by extension, every single expansion since LFR became a thing. This time however, the enrage mechanic on Kil’Jaeden shows up an issue with minimum gear requirements in a fashion I don’t remember in any other ‘random’ group play for a very long time.


I scraped in at the very low end of minimum requirement, and without the need to run any other wing in order to do this fight. It was immediately apparent, in pretty much every LFR I tried, that I was not alone at the shallow end of DPS. With an enrage mechanic in operation, it does not matter how good players are at soaking or moving to and from required areas. If the damage numbers don’t add up, everybody dies. Determination will not neccersarily ‘fix’ it, patience and understanding might, but when hunter mechanics that work in Normal and above don’t function properly and you end up pinging half the group off the edge of a platform because they’re just blindly assuming you’re right?

Then abuse begins, the ‘kick X they’re only doing minimum DPS for their iLevel’ Russian Roulette which depends on damage meters being accurate that devolves into petty fighting and anger. However, nothing quite beats the priest who pulled KJ five times in a row whilst managing to get every other priest kicked by accusing them of doing it, before someone worked out what he was up to. That’s inflicting a level of sadistic, sick torture you clearly thought of as enjoyment/pleasure I’ve not encountered since Dragon Soul LFR. You, Sir, were a special kind of snowflake indeed.


Friends laughed at my rant via Twitter last night, agreed and sympathised, and referred to LFR as a ‘cesspit’, which is unfair, because without it I’d not have a blog post, or the chance to gear outside of formal raiding. Despite all my protestations to the contrary, having a better iLevel helps me survive in solo play for longer, especially as a Marksman without a pet. So, without the desire to put myself into the rat race of formal raiding, what do I do? Right now it means trying to run everything on reset day to avoid the trash, or accept that until KJ is nerfed in LFR and that enrage timer is removed, the minimum gear requirement’s just asking for trouble. Ironically the only reason I went is that I have a quest to do so: maybe if I got that when only at a certain iLevel, part of the problem could be alleviated.

Also, it might help that the requirement to run every other wing of the Tomb of Sargeras in LFR was mandatory before I just go and hit the end boss. This would at least give a chance for better gear in order to beat the enrage, though I can entirely understand the change. It will all be academic anyway come next week, once alts unlock all three relic slots at 110 as standard. Everything will become a faceroll and nobody will remember what all the fuss was about to begin with. However, the dicksplats who mindfuck other people for pleasure will remain regardless, they’ve been here since Vanilla. You can’t remove stupid people from your game, after all. What you can do however is make it harder for them to be fuckwits with a audience.

Maybe someone could work on that for the NEXT Expansion.

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