So, KJ, we meet again, even though the game decided last night I had killed you, despite being able to 100% categorically attest that never happened on Saturday night:

I suppose it was inevitable a bonus roll was wasted as an AP token, but it does mean that I’m only one level away from capping out my weapon in time for 7.3. Today I’ll do as much prep as I can in terms of Emissary quests and WQ gathering. Then, as there is an Invasion scheduled for 19.00 tomorrow evening? Time to sort out some alts.


7.3 removes the requirement to complete the Class order hall quest line to unlock the third relic slot.
As a result it seems opportune to forward plan when invasions will be active so I can maximise XP and get people levelling. The Mage is at 105 and will see some action tomorrow, and my Rogue is ready to complete her weapon quest in anticipation of beginning to do the same. After that, it will be Priest and Shaman who are prepared to go. There’s a ton of hunters too, but they’re pretty much easy to manage (as I can play 2/3 specs now with a measure of competence.) I need a Survival specced variety out there soon: that task will fall to my Gnome Hunter, once I’ve done 100-110 with pet battles and item collection in Draenor.

It is time to get properly organised. I feel a list calling.

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