Tonight, an invasion is due on the EU servers at 19.00 CET. It is time to stop complaining that data-mining is killing gameplay and start playing the same system everybody else uses without a thought. That means, that before 6pm this evening I’ll prep the interfaces and pick up Professions Quests for my 105 Mage and 100 Horde Hunter. If there’s time, I’ll also get my 100 Rogue her weapons, but other factors may mean this isn’t practical. Whatever happens, once that Invasion hits it is time to run as many people as possible through the process.

It is time to make the most of what I have been given to work with.


Invasions serve a useful purpose for alts with a shedtonne of rested bonus: there’s close to a level to be had from completing every quest, even if there’s no Scenario at the end. For the 110’s, the Nethershards are worth collecting, when 5000 will guarantee a level 880+ upgrade. What we get with 7.3 in terms of pain free-solo based rewards will be revealed tomorrow, but for now the priority is simple:

  • Get Alts their Artifacts
  • Max out Rested Bonus
  • Do Invasions when possible
  • Pick up Professions Quests and run them when possible
  • Work on Professions (including a trip for everybody to the Darkmoon Faire next month)
  • Slowly cap the Family at 110

No, I’m not going to break any records. The point here is bursts of activity that don’t hamstring my other work, or efforts to maintain exercise, or indeed anything else. It is the realisation that if I want to play the NEXT expansion the way I want, I’ll need max level characters, and this needs to be done at some point.

We may as well start now.

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