Took a day off to write yesterday, but before I began there was the small matter of some AH auctions to check on:

This is the glorious period where I can make nearly 20k gold from less than an hour’s work. In fact, that was twenty minutes grinding, right there, and if I get a chance to clock a full hour tonight that figure might well double. You see, I have no need for these items. I just take what other people leave behind, and knowing now where farming is most profitable is all that is required. We have entered the part of the Expansion where Giant Piles of Mobs can be made without me dying instantly, thus allowing the opportunity to clear up in every sense of the word.


There’s also rares to be farmed and currencies piled, and the plan after chores and writing and Gym time tonight is to spend some hours doing just that so I can sell, exchange and use. I tipped Pher over iLevel 900 on Wednesday, and should have enough for another piece of armour once everything is done tonight. Add to that progression on grabbing new followers from the Broken on Argus, and there should be more money to be had simply by logging in via the telephone. What I need to do now is get the MM alt up to date on the questlines too, as she isn’t far away from equalling a main who’s worked her butt off from day one. You gotta love and hate catchup mechanics, all at the same time.


I’ve also learnt (again from someone via Twitter) that there’s a reason why I’m achieving via a numerical total. There’s a mount to be had here, and if the grinding keeps happening it shouldn’t be long to obtain. I’d planned for 500 demons a day but was too busy yesterday, so I’ll just have to farm 1000 mobs for leather to make up for it. Honestly, that shouldn’t take long at all. There’s also the small matter of an item I picked up whilst exploring. The joy at finding it was considerable, because it finally demonstrates that someone in the Quest Department is listening to people like me who’d like puzzles you don’t need a Discord channel to solve:


I’ve been at this enough to know I require three items to be found, then to try and work out where I go to use them. I have discovered two out of the three, and this will be my first task on logging back in tonight. You know what’s the best thing of all? I don’t have the faintest idea what I’ll get as a reward.

Let’s hope that whatever it is can be soloed.

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