7.3 has lost me in terms of plot and focus until Wednesday, when (presumably) I’ll get the next ‘episode’ of the soap opera on Argus. Until then there’s the business of grinding out upgrades and pushing the Secondary Hunter through to the same level. Last night, I was able to get her THREE iL880 tokens from Pherian’s hard work on fel-tained World Quests, whilst she herself could afford a iL910 upgrade from killing enough rares. Now my Class Order hall’s offering the currency too it is all hands to the pump to make sure resources are kept up to date, whilst at the same time being conscious of the bunch of alts waiting in the wings. There’s an Invasion scheduled for 4.30pm tomorrow that I’ll make sure gets exploited by both sub 110 levellers, and need to start getting weapons for the alts who need them.


The most notable achievement yesterday was knowing I can solo Normal instances, to a point. I need about another 10 iLevels for them to be trivial, but I was able to part complete the last Skinning quest I had in the Azsharan instance. It took me an hour to solo it and 15 minutes to clear the lot on Heroic in a PuG. It does give me interesting options for skinning however, now that my favourite grinding spot’s been nerfed on Argus. No matter, I’ve got new places to go, and hopefully I can carry on coining it in ahead of the new patterns.


Its not like I have to worry about not making money in this Expansion. I’m not even trying and after buying stuff to fill three prismatic slots and the same number of enchants last night, I’ve still got over 100k. I think I might see if I can manage 500k for the sparkly rep mount just from selling stuff I pick up from the ground. Talking of which…


This is a Thing, I know it is. Question is, is it a Thing I need to do in a particular place, and do I have enough Imp Meat to begin with?

These and other questions will be answers this week… STAY TUNED FOR MORE DETAILS.

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