I’ve been trying for a while now to work out why I enjoy playing the mobile version of Legion more than the in-game version, and last night I came up with the answer:


Demons don’t drop anything useful on Argus, unless you’re a) really lucky or b) able to locate a debuff to help you. The only reason anything dies on Argus is to grant you an AP token. I find them in chests, from Archaeology quests, and (apart from armour upgrades and Order Resources) they are what fills my bags. With the Mobile app I can earn useful things such as follower upgrades and interchangeable Rep tokens… except that too is a fallacy. The Fox Mount quest starting item is now a distant memory, and nothing truly unique is available simply as a random drop any more, because this game has largely abandoned random thanks to people like me complaining about it.

Again, I’ve only myself to blame for this state of affairs.


However, in positive news, I now know how to farm Intact Demon Eyes. However, I have no idea how many I need to buy anything of note, and a part of me is quite scared to go and find out… Hang on, let me go and check the Internet before things go any further.


2600 eyes to get everything of note. That’s going on the To Do list, but at least part of it will contribute to my demon farming/mount aspirations. This is my scheduled, almost daily reminder that no, you cannot have everything and yes, this is only a game.


I’ll be spending some time tonight on Invasions (got my times wrong, next one starts today at 17.30 CET) so that’s two more alts doing the journey, and as one is close to 109 it is time to get someone else ready to roll. Otherwise it’s just two nub Hunters wandering around finding stuff to kill/look until boredom sets in and I go back to fishing. Have only got four rare fish to catch for the Artifact Rod, and I’m quite tempted to provision that as this weekend’s ‘task’. However, what needs to happen is everyone to go to the Faire for professions questing, and the small matter of beginning to collect 1000 tickets for the new mount.

That’s a list that I’ll be making shortly for completion.


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