7.3 brings with is a PHENOMENAL number of mounts to collect. Don’t ask me how many, there’s a list somewhere that someone far more organised has made. I’m not here to sell you guides remember, this is my hobby. Right now however, I’ll be over here fixating just on one.


Despite this being a disappointing semi-reskin, IT IS PURPLE and therefore by definition instantly desirable. However, 1000 tickets is quite a lot, but as I’ve been asking for something like this since… well, at least Cataclysm, it would be remiss of me not to extract the digit and grind for it. By that, I mean do as little as possible and still end up with the goods. That, it transpires, will be surprisingly easy. That’s because, once a month I could pick up eight items from the Auction House and simply hand them in:

Ornate Weapon: (10 Tickets)
Fallen Adventurer’s Journal: (5 Tickets)
Banner of the Fallen: (5 Tickets)
Soothsayer’s Runes: (15 Tickets)
A Treatise on Strategy: (10 Tickets)
Imbued Crystal: (10 Tickets)
Monstrous Egg: (10 Tickets)
Mysterious Grimoire: (10 Tickets)

These drop from raids, dungeons and battlegrounds if you have a Darkmoon Adventurer’s Guide in your inventory. Once upon a time you could farm old content for them but the item’s now changed, which means only ‘appropriately-challenging’ instances will do. The temptation of course is to just buy them but the inclusion of the mount is already driving up prices on my backwater server. That means I’ll farm them, before the beginning of each month, which gives a chance to get back into Battlegrounds.


Pherian doesn’t need to max any professions but I did every quest that involved them, including Archaeology (you can buy Fossil fragments by crating a couple of Legion artefacts and swapping them at a vendor.) That then gives me 100 tickets in a single session. However, it transpires there are daily repeatables that I wasn’t previously aware of. This means that yesterday’s total of 226 (I started with 99) can be increased for the week, and my initial estate of 127 tickets is way below what is possible to collect per ‘month’ of the Faire:


I’m not going to do the minigames as they annoy me, as do the racing games. A substandard PC pretty much puts pay to that, but it doesn’t matter how slow it is when I’m pet battling. For an extra 10 minutes a day I can get 15 tickets from both fights, and if I turn up late Saturday after the 11pm setup in the EU I have an extra daily reset. This  means a full week’s worth of top reward goodness and a whopping extra 105 tickets for my trouble. There is also I am told a treasure map available from handing in 100 Darkmoon Daggermaw but I believe this is a one time turn-in, which I’ll check on later.

This means my estimate of completing in April 2018 is quite a way off. I’ll have 175 tickets by the end of this month (and possibly more) as I’ll be sending alts to the Faire, and they can send any Darkmoon Faire Prize (with tickets inside) onto Pherian. Let’s say for the sake of argument, I’ll have 284 tickets regardless by Monday. If I do the same thing next month (all the quest drops, all the Professions, pet battles for seven days) then that’s 205 tickets in October and suddenly April’s out of the window. I’ll have this mount as a New Year’s present. Four months work seems more than acceptable under the circumstances.


So, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to make a list of who needs to be dragged through the Faire this month…

One thought on “Roller-coaster of Love

  1. So back in WotLK, mount hunting was my THING, and man, I loved it. I spent countless hours grinding reputations and gold so I could acquire every mount I could find. Sunday night when I was setting up my bullet journal for this week, I decided mount hunting was going to make a return. And I’ve been kinda excited to play the game ever since then.


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