Yesterday, after 90 minutes of play, I developed a headache.


I can’t deal in billions. This is stupid. 
The whole talent tree for your weapon is a complete and utter waste of time, if all you do is just max it out. Yes, I KNOW that’s gonna alter a bit after all of 7.3 opens up but honestly, truthfully, this is not good. It only matters for the people raiding. Could I not just have a normal weapon and spend the AP on mounts and pets instead? Then I can go back to questing where the rewards don’t need a Masters in Pure Mathematics to grasp? Oh, and whilst I’m at it…

In my 90 minutes, I finished two lots of Broken Isles dailies in the vain hope a mount might drop (NOPE) and then went and did Argus, with a couple of Invasion Points thrown in. I can spot where each Invasion Point’s been cloned from pretty quickly (Firelands, the outside bit of Halls of Valor were today’s morning couple) and the fights? Well, they’re quick, and what you get for not much work doesn’t seem to have upset anyone else. I’m vaguely aware that there’s an Achievement being ticked off too, but after that I’m only doing them to get currency to buy a iLevel 910 reward from the vendor. If I did this every day, Pher’d be maxxed out sometime next week. Maybe that’s the plan: it takes so little time to gear a main now that you’re almost forced to finish it and move onto an alt.


Except there is no real desire to throw multiple people into this meat grinder. The fights on Argus are stupidly tough, and by that I mean that one mob at 8 million HP is a doddle but give me three and the now quite robust respawn timers in effect and I wish I had stealth. In fact give me flying because I’ve stopped caring about killing mobs, as the only real point now in doing so is if I have a buff on. As I watched a L110 Holy Priest solo an Argus rare it occurred to me that if I could have just one thing at a time I’d be far happier. However, it is all or nothing. There’s either tons of open space or its crawling with mobs, there’s not happy medium, and if you’re not on your game? This week’s been quite expensive for repairs.

BUT HEY I get an AP boost every 15 minutes so THAT’S PROGRESS, right?


Going back to the Broken Isles just emphasises the faceroll that’s become, even with mobs scaling to my level. Part of me vaguely grasps that level scaling is another one of those ‘man behind the curtain’ deceits that seems to prove that really, you don’t 100% scale with the opposition. It is created as an illusion, because then you feel as if you’re getting genuinely powerful. Except now, on the Nursery slopes of Aszuna or Highmountain, I’m flattening everything. Old content feels less of a challenge and you are effectively being shoved back to where you know you’ll die faster. Maybe I’m imagining this, I dunno, but it takes a quarter of a time to do the Old Stuff. I did’t suddenly git gud, that’s abundantly apparent the moment one steps into Argus.


Also this week I got fed up of RNG and changed normally successful Pet Battle teams in to I AM JUST GOING TO FUCKING CRUSH YOU teams at the Faire. Before I’d enjoyed the illusion of engaging a fair set of opponents, but the Feasels are not fair. Now it takes me five minutes to earn 15 tickets, I don’t get frustrated spending an hour being unable to win, and I still want to play again. Here’s the key for me as a Hobby player and not a Pro, pretty much everywhere. I will only take part as long as it takes me to lose my temper, get frustrated or angry at my inability to play this game ‘properly’ or get a headache because it is just too much stuff to sort out. The last time this game caused a sensory overload it was in the Foundry in Warlords and that undoubtedly contributed to my annoyance at current raid content.

I do not expect this game to be changed to accommodate my complaints. I certainly won’t be chucking toys out of the pram and going home. However, there is likely to be little or not active effort to gear anyone else past 110 than the two I already have. The family will max out, sure, but playing them? It doesn’t matter how good the catch-up mechanics are or how interesting the options provided for variety. There’s too much to do for one character to have finished by the time the Expansion announcement rolls around in November and I’m not spending six hours plus a day at a screen for that. The investment demanded is now unacceptable, and that’s absolutely fine.

I’ll just define my own rewards, if that’s okay, and move on.

One thought on “Dizzy

  1. “It only matters for the people raiding.”

    I disagree, I don’t do much raiding yet I enjoy playing with classes mechanics and customising and pick up traits and figuring out how X synergizes with everything else and how trait X changes my playstyle.

    Such systems existed in RPGs long before MMOs and raiding were invented so people must have been enjoying them for different reasons. These single player cRPGs with more or less complex systems still exist in fact.

    In fact I believe most raiders do not care at all, because they just look up a guide to pick up the “best mathematically possible” route without much thinking and the only thing that matters is the optimal (“cookie cutter”) end result. The goal not the journey. You’re not allowed to have fun in this competitive environment, cause all that fun is at the expense of “progression ASAP!”.

    But there are those who enjoy the journey. A lot of the people defending the “old talent trees” weren’t raiders but just people who like customising their character. Not just through appearances (transmog, pets, mounts…) but through mechanics.

    Not saying it’s everybody’s cup of tea, but there’s this specific type of player embedded in the history of anything that has “rpg” in it. People that like to play with numbers and stuff. I guess in a way it’s a bit like a strategy game and I like strategy games.


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