This morning, with a heavy heart, I watched a video and read a Guide on the Netherlight Crucible. Having done so, I now understand that every relic I have can now be ‘customised’ as I see fit, to increase specific stats and abilities on my weapon. I am imagining this as being able to pick and choose which flavours of toppings go on an ice cream sundae, up to a maximum of three. However, once I’ve made my choices, I can’t go back and change them. The only way to do that is by getting a new relic.

I forsee quite a few issues with this from my casual standpoint.


If I read this correctly, the Light and Void ‘talents’ are simply multipliers, nothing more: Void ‘specials’ do damage, Light ‘specials’ apply healing. However, when I take a look at a BM Guide I find myself reminded of the first time I encountered min/maxxing back in TBC. All of the information I see appears to be focused around increasing my weapon’s iLevel, that certain traits on my weapon are effectively useless when someone theorycrafts all options and… okay folks, time to stop the bus here.

I thought the whole point of simplifying spells and removing abilities was to stop all this shit. I was under the impression that the future was not Guides I’d be forced to follow if I wanted the most damage, that I could play the way I wanted and it wouldn’t matter. Well, looking at all this, I think I’d like to go back to TBC again please because my head hurts. This is neither intuitive or welcoming, and if I fuck it up because my connection drops or I pick the ‘wrong’ option I really do hope there’s a way to change my mind…

What do you mean, there’s no wrong option?


Of course there’s a wrong option, or why else would people publish Guides that tell me otherwise? This game has made an industry out of the dictation of truth over the last decade: sure, you’ll get the Boomkin Tanks who’ll wave their own flags and pronounce their way is the best way but the fact remains this is not about what works for you. It will ALWAYS be what the theorycrafters say is best, and that is where the story ends. Otherwise, there is no point in doing the numbers to begin with. This is a game based around maths, where crucially the people making the UI only have time to calculate so many outcomes. This then allows an illusion of player participation, and a cottage industry that sets out to either a) establish the theorycrafting as gospel or b) simply does its own thing regardless.


I can play Devil’s smashed avocado all day and night, but when it comes down to my own personal needs, the practicalities are more simple. I know how much damage I take as a solo player, and how much DPS is currently required to make life easier on Argus. It is extremely unlikely that once I upgrade all my relics to the i905 tokens, I’ll do so again before the next Expansion. If there really is one path to max DPS and one to max healing the logical path is to find a way to do a bit of both.

The maths however makes my head hurt, and the numbers won’t get any smaller for a while. In all honesty this feature is something I’ll use three times at most and then never touch again: it is sauce for a raiding goose that has complained that the weapons given aren’t fit for purpose to begin with. In that regard, I won’t log on today and rush to finish the questing, because there is no real need for me to do so. There are more important tasks to consider, and if that’s my thinking three weeks into a Patch? I don’t really have an interest in this feature at all.

3 thoughts on “Smoke on the Water

  1. The story quests leading up to that part are pretty good and worth doing. They show some…interesting things I wasn’t aware of because I try to avoid story spoilers. I haven’t done the dungeon yet so I don’t know if it’s fun or not.
    All the quests give a lot of the stone things you need to buy the 910 relics and gear.

    I think the crucible is pretty dumb though. Not a fan.


  2. My main weapon unlocks the second tier on the 1st artifact. I am not taking the third tier into consideration. By the time I get that far, I’ll probably have better relics
    I like how the crucible is unlocked account-wide nature. It saves time running alts through a long chapter when they will only ever unlock the +5lvl tier.


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