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I’ve been working hard this weekend, trying to get my head around how the Alt Gearing ‘thing’ is going to work going forward. That means that last night I opened up the Netherlight Crucible on Pherian (as it means everybody can benefit from using the thing for a notional increase in power.) This required me to finish the shizz on Argus and I’ll be honest, it was all a bit… well, odd.


‘…are you sure going in there is a good idea? ^^’

I was promised plot in 7.3. Well, yes, there is a story, and it involves the one race from The Burning Crusade who hasn’t been recycled within an inch of their lives having just that happen to them, and it feels so much like a bolt on that obviously, this has been the plan all along. All those people discussing Old Gods are going to be on the money, I think, and that ‘yeah we’ve been foreshadowing this from the start’ stuff that got mentioned a while back is now looking more and more like the future. Nobody likes green any more. It is purple all the way, and I know this because there’s a line of dialog that an NPC utters during the Argus questing that pretty much echoes the plot-line you see in this last series of ‘stories.’ Alleria says it herself: there is no shadow without light. Cosmic balance is why we’re here, and all the big guys thrashing around us are either Good or Bad.

We get to be the fulcrum in the future of Azeroth’s Universe.

The Demons fear the Void, and the Void is trying to consume all, with the ‘Curse of Flesh’ making Azeroth different and therefore BAD and… look, this plot is pants. Utterly and totally bobbins. It doesn’t matter though, because everyone’s now going to be distracted with weekly Blizzcon hype and conveniently forget how awful this is until November when we get the Expansion reveal and


everything is old and irrelevant regardless.

So where does that leave the Alt Gearing, again?


Once you hit a certain iLevel, everything just gets stupidly easy everywhere except Argus. Then, when you hit a secondary iLevel, Argus is academic. It is maths made very real, that the who ‘gear inflation’ thing really is going to need to be looked at with a measure of seriousness. iLevel 915 makes Argus academic. iLevel 897 is a struggle, iLevel 868 is tough. However, last night the Mage went and did the work for a 915 trinket, which is going to serve her very well when it becomes time to level again. This is our permanent dance: is the gear worth the effort? Considering the money I’m making from these three doing the work right now (60,000g over the weekend) then yes, absolutely it is.


Then comes the part where I get another alt to 110 (Horde Hunter) and gear them, before we start with someone else, and see how long we have before the next Expansion is due.

If we do this in small, easily digestible stages, what could possibly go wrong?

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