We’re almost at the end of the deconstruction of Legion, and the next point on my list of ‘needs work, could we considered’ is already being tested on a section of the player base. The problem with this, as far as this commentator can see, is that ‘secrets’ are only worthwhile if someone knows they exist to begin with, and then you’re in a chicken/egg situation. Which comes first: Dev tip-off or lucky discovery? How can this game breathe fresh life into puzzles and rewards?


There’s a lot of content in game right now that a smart woman could point to before pronouncing ‘we’ll see that in the next Expansion in another form’ because by far the best way to play test new ideas is to do that live in a reduced form, then go away, look at the numbers of people who took part and then amend the system. Take Argus invasions as a perfect example: last time I did these, I had to loot the end boss. Yesterday, rewards were in bags without a click being needed. Let it not be said that the Devs are not learning what matters. The same is due for the mount ‘secrets’ which have appeared in 7.2 and 7.3: puzzles are back, baby, or they wouldn’t be such a key component of the Argus World Quests. It appears that the point made about the Kirin Tor dailies is not only being learnt but further applied across the game.

Except, for some of us, it doesn’t matter how shiny and clever your hoops are, there is really no desire to jump through them. Also, if you’re going to break mods that help people like me complete quests like this, I’m going to get the hump. If the future is doing this stuff, they need to be optional, or there has to be a far better way of teaching people how to do them than slamming into a wall time after time, or racking up the World’s largest repair bill. I think maybe the long-term takeaway for people like me is that I’d rather grind Legacy than get current rewards from Puzzle quests. In that regard, 1000 Darkmoon Tickets is a far more attractive proposition.


I think the game needs more than just hitting stuff until it dies. Puzzles certainly fit this bill, and if the rewards are as awesome as the Mind Worm and the Lucid Nightmare… yes, people are going to do all that willingly, and that alone is a compelling reason for increasing that content. However, what is missing and needs addressing is the means by which such puzzles are advertised. If we all know there’s a bunch of hidden shiz in 8.0, for instance, and everybody gets the first clue as to where to find them at the same time, in game, this is FAR better than a small subset of players solving the puzzle. It’s a level playing field, and allows individuals the opportunity at their own personal ‘World Firsts.’ I know you took that element of competition out for solo players, but it might now be an idea to re-introduce it.

At least those people wanting to play 24/7 at launch have something to aspire to.


For me, I’m still struggling to find the time to complete the 7.0 content, so might not be the best person to talk to about new things to fill time with. At least the list of things is slowly getting smaller, and once I know how long we have to 8.0 there’ll be the means to plan accordingly. Regardless of my shortcomings, I’d like to see the next Expansion make people work a little harder than this one for rewards.

How you provide those rewards however is still up for debate.

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