Okay, Warcraft. You know where I’m at after the last four days. You get that the best gear isn’t why I’m playing. You also grasp that plot used to matter, but now I’d rather not try and work out which version of the Lore we’re working from this week. Mostly I log on, kill shit and get occasionally lucky with the RNG. That is my level of participation in this MMO, such as it is. All the stuff I’ve suggested this week as improvements would undoubtedly enrich the quality of my online experience. However, one thing is missing, and I feel is as likely to happen as me getting an in game NPC for contribution to the Community.

I’m not getting true individual customisation any time soon, am I?


It has been two Expansions and player housing is still not even close to being on the table. I should be grateful for Transmog, I suppose, and the continued concessions that are metered out through that system, but I still can’t colour my own gear. There’s still no way to customise a mount so I can not look like everybody else, or the means to make my gear myself and do the same. As I am reminded probably every 30 minutes in game, what people want is power, not aesthetics. You only get special weapon skins by fighting for them, not crafting them. That might be the most depressing thing of all.

The only real bright spot in all of this is that I can at least buy transmog sets in game, which is the only real step in the right direction I’ve seen since all this began. Hey, and they gave us a fashion show to strut and preen in, and then certain people decided to min/max that too and thus completely fail to grasp the entire point of the exercise. I just feel that in all of this, the things that really matter to me are laughed at by others. In fact, the more I read of other people’s opinions, the greater that feeling becomes.


For a long time, I’ve no fitted a ‘space’ in the Warcraft Community, and have had to plough a furrow alone. This is absolutely not a problem, until it comes to the traditional Blizzcon ‘no-one may mock Warcraft for it is special and precious’ portion of proceedings. I’ve made no bones in stating this is the best Expansion we’ve ever had, but in terms of personal love I am left terribly, horribly wanting right now. Please don’t make me feel guilty for feeling this way either, because you’re really enjoying things. Everybody is different.

I can profess Hunter love and then get really sad when I feel things are too easy. I’m allowed to lament the lack of drops from mobs and wish I had more time to farm. I can wish that maybe I’ll get a place in Loch Moden to call my own one day, be disappointed when it doesn’t happen, but stay playing regardless. Not because I don’t know when to leave, but because I’ve reconciled the most important fact of all when playing. It has nothing to do with content, and everything to do with you. I’ll just do wish fulfilment in other ways.

Maybe Blizzard can find a new game this year to try and tempt me with.

2 thoughts on “The State of Azeroth :: My Life

  1. trial of style needs a different reward for doing it – and probably a whole rethink on how it works. As winning gave you tokens to buy something, then people will min/max it – we went in as a guild group of 5 – voted for one of our people and managed to make sure that person won – promptly followed by complaining from the final competitor that the winner hadn’t followed the theme – which was true.

    What i think was missed was the sheer number of people in Stormwind AH for a disco that had no point what so ever.

    So trial of style – needs to be a masquarade ball in Karazan – just for the sheer hell of it and nothing more – with lots(tm) of people not six.


    • Good point although many people got into great detail explaining to me why the Call of the Scarab design got it all wrong for not giving gear rewards or an achievement.

      Also interesting how people tend to see gear and achievements as similar rewards, while pets and toys don’t count.


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