Having set out the stall for what happens now, it is time to make desires a reality. I’ve not logged in since late last week, and with the volume of workload I have going into October I will struggle finding any quality time for playing. So, the plan starting NEXT week is to dedicate one day to organising and concentrating on gaming. It seems logical to pick the time when I have the least stuff going on, which quite helpfully now co-incides with EU reset. That means that Wednesday has become my organisation point. However, if I want to get alts levelled I need to be concentrating on Invasions… and more importantly, when they take place.

There’s this spreadsheet by ManyThingsDeck you see, that can now tell me in advance when an Invasion will start. That’s the joy of data-mining, that you can bend it to your will and allow the opportunity for planning ahead. Obviously the late night or early morning ones during weekdays might not be practical, but if I know an Invasion is up enough in advance, there is the opportunity to work my schedule around the stuff to maximise on time spent. It also means that if I organise the alts ahead of time with flasks and food, they can be at maximum output when taking part.


Then comes the levelling order, which I’ve played about with a bit since the first hit at this, because I want to finish Order Halls and other stuff with the people already maxxed. Therefore, we begin by completing 110 on the Horde Hunter followed by the Rogue and then the Warlock. The Lock still needs her weapon, so after I have an Invasion plan sorted, it is time to make a simple list of everything that needs to be sorted and do what now happens with all the writing stuff: tick it off when it’s done and don’t start on anything new until that happens.

Once I can do this without stress and trauma, I’ll think about everything else.

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