I remember when I discovered the Auction House for the first time in Ironforge and knew I had to find a way to use it. Then there was that time a Helm of Narv dropped just before the end of Vanilla and I was able to sell it for more money than I’d ever owned in game. Even if I’m no longer raiding (not bitter, just so we’re clear) I can still play the money making game with quiet confidence. I’m not here to show off my l33t flipping skillz or any such tomfoolery, but there remains a decent living to be made by selling the right stuff and picking my moments.

That means today’s lunchtime task is getting some gear shifted from the Bankalts.


I have a lot of pets left in the bank, and it is probably time to try and shift some of them. Plus, there are some recipes that no longer exist which might sell. Mostly, I would just like to spend an hour playing about with my characters. AH faffing happens a lot for this end, often with no discernable significance or outcome. It is the equivalent I suppose of reading facebook or mucking about on Twitter, but with the advantage of making me feel like I’m actually doing something important.

It’s a big fat lie, but frankly, I don’t care.

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