That title is a big fat lie. I’m pretty well appointed for cash right now, thanks for asking.


I’m working to be able to afford that funky new Light Mount from Argus, then the Exalted mounts from the other Argus lot. After that, we’ll see where we are, but I’m planning not to go below a million gold. This means that if I’m doing World Quests, I want to look for the ones that drop the most other stuff that can be sold on the AH. In Argus, that means anything I can skin, and on the Broken Isles anything that I can skin which also drops cookery mats. I worked out that if I maximise the right mobs, there’s about 9k an hour to be made on World Questing simply from saleable items. Of course, your server conditions will vary.


This week’s first WQ ‘effort’ after reset (yet again) earnt me enough currency for two upgrades, and means I now have nothing left which requires replacing. At iLevel 921 I’ll be gambling currency on an RNG upgrade, grinding reps to Exalted (for mounts,) picking up the AP for pointless Crucible faffing and enjoying the Battle.net account armour drops. This means when the Horde Hunter hits 110 (five more invasions) she’ll simply become iLevel 850 overnight. The next task (one night next week) is to grind either Hunter #2 or Mage to complete their Class Hall Campaign so I can maximise follower gold. All in all, things are pretty well organised.


That also includes my Darkmoon Faire hand-ins, which are sitting ready to be turned over at midnight Saturday. I may actually need to provision some PvP time this weekend to see if I can nab any more Banners of the Fallen because at nearly 3000g gold a pop each on my Server, they will probably be worth selling regardless. Hopefully, once weekend planning is over, I can make some time to push progress.

Don’t even start me on Transmog and Legacy farming…

One thought on “Money’s Too Tight to Mention

  1. I fell for the Blizzard store sales and pets – Overwatch – check – Starcraft II – check – both the bonus editions to get the wow pets (the only reason i bought either of them) plus a bunch of standalone pets from the store – in total 11 wow tokens bought in just 8 weeks – so down to 450k – and needed to rebuild. But pets :)


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