Hello. I’m playing again because this week is the Darkmoon Faire, and you know, MOUNT OPPORTUNITY.


I have lots of tickets now, I’ve been logging on daily like a good girl.


That’s halfway to my total by close of play on Saturday. That’s also the currency for another Argus update, as comes realisation both trinkets and ring slots can be upgraded. This is a good thing, all told. I even got out one of Pher’s unlevelled Garrison Followers so the feeling that its a waste of time doing all these WQ’s with a companion goes away. I’ve not seen a single mount from Paragon caches. My first egg hatches this evening. We’ll see how that goes. Current mindset is that even though there’s an Invasion running now, the Gym is a better place to be.


In 50 minutes, I completed all the Darkmoon Professions quests, two pet battles and four world quests, plus a ton of Garrison Order Hall faffing. Considering the rewards, that’s probably the optimum use of an hour of game time, right there.

If I could do that every time, I’d be golden.

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