This morning, I had quite an epiphanic moment with a member of the Community that I feel needs further discussion here. In essence, I managed to distil it down into this single Tweet:

Understanding WHY people are unhappy playing is probably almost as important as the issues with a game’s UI. Sometimes, the thing that drives a person away from something they love has very little at all to do with the thing itself and can be levelled at what appears to be a totally unconnected issue. I remember one raider who vanished without a trace for six months, and who we thought was lost in the ether of ‘great people who got bored and just moved on’ when it transpired that all that had happened was that his shifts changed from days to nights. Because nobody knew him IRL, that vital piece of information never got passed on.

Sometimes, the trick is to not assume that you’re the norm in a situation.


This comment today really made me think because that’s EXACTLY what I’ve been doing for months now; all it seems to me that I talk about is my Patreon, and writing and the process of changing my career. I see myself as just this, utterly predictable, and yet other people totally fail to have registered or grasped this at all. There’s that moment where you realise that other people are as ‘bubbled’ as you are: all they are registering is the things you have in common. So, when I write a tweet that I read as ‘really glad I got to play last night’ someone else reads this as ‘oh I could only play for an evening and it was terrible’ I realise that I’m the one who now needs to improve the communication skills so there are no doubts as to what matters.

I thought I was being positive, too, I really did.


Last night was great. I made 10k on the AH, finally got all my slots filled with 910 plus gear, with the added bonus of a Legendary Chestpiece and 930 legs from this fella. That meant a bit of faffing about with slots and gear but as I have six legendaries now (I miscounted last night) there’s a lot of options to play with. I’m doing more damage with the chest, and the helmet I have used Feign Death as free heal + HOT, so all is actually very good. In fact, I’ve never really been happier as a BM, when all is said and done. If they’d only give me more stable slots so I could hoard more pets.

The problem for me is not enough time, but I have to stop calling this a problem because people read that word and assume the worst. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Warcraft right now, at least for me. Nothing at all. Everything is great and I just wish I had more time. That’s the biggest lesson I’ve learnt this week, and from now on if I’m Tweeting about Azeroth, I won’t do anything other than positives, I promise. If you read it and decide that I’m negative, please do let me know because it means that I am not using language effectively to express my particular situation, and that needs work on.

Sometimes, something is just what it is.

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