Sometimes I look at people complaining that this game is lacking something, anything that allows individuals a chance to complain about the state of Azeroth. Then I remember how much fun it is just to log on for a while and potter about, doing stuff that doesn’t need immense amounts of thought or effort, and how that negates all the complaints about content and grinding pretty much into a cocked hat. Like it or not, the RNG does do the job. 

Take Rocky here as an example. I had no idea there was even a Spirit Moose in Stormheim (my days of being up with such things is long since passed) but when I found him this morning, I took this as a sign. It makes me wish my stable was larger and has served as a long-overdue reminder that I need to remove a few non-used pets from the existing selection to accommodate a Mechanical or two. I was forced to dismiss my white Vanilla-skinned bear too, but this was not a terrible loss as this is a reasonably easy to find tame.


Then came the revelation as I did the daily WQ’s in Azeroth that I’d not completed four quests when I was levelling. 10 minutes was spent sorting out this area, which I assume will now become a repeatable World Quest in itself, in time. Then, knowing I needed only a few more Argunite on the secondary Hunter, I swapped over and managed to sneak in a Heroic Darkheart Thicket to push on my Class Hall questline. There’s still the issue of recovering the Tears of Elune however to overcome which will require a couple of hours work, but as I’m on my own this week for a few nights, that might get done.

Once I’d done my grinding for currency it was off to the vendor, and time to update my last, low-level trinket:


I had no idea tokens could upgrade to Legendary items. There you go.

There’s a lot of real life stuff to do this afternoon, and I’m not sure I’ll have the opportunity to play until much later, but I think this might be a good day just to keep pottering with no real goal in mind. That seems to have served me well so far.

Whatever happens, this has already been a Good Day (TM)

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