One of my long-term objectives in the game is to make more money from the Mobile app. As a result of this, I spent some time yesterday organising the Class Hall questlines on the two L110’s who don’t have everything fully accessible. As of last night, Hunter Number 2 is ready to do the Argus portion of expansion (which Pher has only just started anyway) and the Mage, after languishing since maxxing with only two followers, now has four.


I’m still not 100% convinced I needed to complete the Val’sharah portion of questing for my Order Hall, but yesterday I did it anyway, to see how long it would take (with the added bonus of World Questing on the side.) Now I have flying, it is just over an hour, which could be a decent way of making cash if all else failed. However, that’s not proving a problem right now if I do Argus WQ’s and simply sell everything that drops. On that point yesterday, the Wormtongue caches that seem to drop from certain bosses are becoming hugely lucrative.


One cache alone at the weekend has the potential to give a 30k gold return at my current AH prices. Having already established the possibility to upgrade tokens to legendary status on Argus, it is worth (at least once a week) sending someone out there: with Eggs and these little parcels of pure gold just sitting there, waiting to be snaffled? I’d be a fool not to. That meant last night the Number 2 Hunter went and upgraded a second item, and the Mage poked the World Boss plus enough items to get her a new token. It is far easier now I can give her a NPC companion as assistance.


An Invasion popped whilst I was out working Argus too, and the Horde Hunter’s well on her way to 107. With enough 850/880 tokens to pretty much guarantee she’s capable of hitting Argus as soon as 110 happens, it is time to start looking at who is next best prepared for that journey and rather amazingly that means the Retribution Paladin gets the nod.


She and the Warlock are Jewelcrafters, and this is a repetition I don’t really need going forward so I think I’ll make her a gatherer before we start on levelling. I’ve been skinning really well as the Horde Hunter has levelled, and the stuff is a great way of making some extra moolah on the way. If I make her herbs too, that will help the Warlock when she begins her Professions journey. On that front, the Number 2 hunter managed a swift Heroic dungeon yesterday too not simply for the Order Hall but her gathering quests, allowing everything to seamlessly move forward.


This also means I’ll need to look at remogging these two going forward. That’s a hardship.

A girl’s accessorising is never done.

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