Okay, this is stupid.

I don’t want an item I can’t use. I used this currency in an attempt to upgrade boots. This is not an upgrade when I’m able to do nearly a million DPS in solo play. I don’t need to swap out a Legendary for another Legendary.


Seriously, what happened to this game in the last year? When did the desire to gear people outweigh all the other great qualities that Azeroth possesses?


I’m going to end up seeing people soon with a four-figure iLevel. 

Parts of this game really have become a foreign country.

One thought on “Worthless

  1. The legendaries are great for various areas of play. There’s a hunter one specifically that gives your pet abilities from all three specs and is great for taking on elites, solo on Argus if your Warframe whotsit is on cooldown. I like the variation, so that you can enhance your play based on what you’re doing.

    I.e. healy/shieldy leggo’s great for progressing on a new boss, or dps booster leggo’s for farm bosses.

    Personally I like the variety.

    (P.s. I’m raiding mythic, and I don’t have the BiS leggo, and I honestly don’t mind – I’m enjoying my options immensely)


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