The Horde Hunter’s gonna hit 110 today, because a) I have the time to do it and b) I’ve rather enjoyed the stress-free nature of her journey. All I am here for is myself, in the end: there’s no raiding team pushing me to get geared, just the understanding that in less than three weeks there’ll be an Expansion to plan for. Last night was levelling using Professions quests and the Order Hall and, as it transpires, that was entirely preferable to dungeons. That’s mostly because there’s a L1 Bankalt sitting in Orgrimmar who was selling everything I mined or skinned on the way and should have a decent gold bundle waiting for her when I log on later.


When I get there, it will be to an almost complete set of iLevel 880 gear, too: the only shortcomings will be relics (there’s a token for one) rings and trinkets. That’s the reason why the Warlock is next out of the blocks (followed by the Paladin) so this weekend will be sorting out spells and working out a rotation before I go full on Artifact collection mode. Hopefully, I can also collect enough leather tokens to make it worth my while to get the Rogue underway, before returning to the Hunter stable.


Having learnt that it will be easier this time to run the Order Hall shiz concurrently as I level, Hordie will have that side of things finished far faster than both secondary Hunter and Mage did (she’s about to finish her campaign this weekend.) I’m going to start sending all my rep tokens won via missions to Pherian, so she can use them to trigger Paragon caches quicker. After that, there is no point grinding AP missions if there’s a token available or a monetary reward in the Companion App. All I need to do is make sure there’s enough resources to cover everybody. The best way to do that, I suspect, will be to cherry pick World Quests as and when they occur, and not worry too much about Emissary rewards.

One thought on “Sunrise

  1. Oh yeah, the emissaries are one of those countless psychological mechanisms in WoW that make me do stuff I don’t want to when I don’t want to longer than I plan to. Instead of exploring places I have not yet been to I’m doing the old stuff, because hey there’s an emissary for it. The random spawn is a very clever thing because instead of putting that for later your mind goes “do it now or it will despawn, and you will miss an opportunity”. Just like the whole invasion thingy. And all again, WoW is trying to make decisions for me.


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