The Horde Hunter hit 110 yesterday morning with the woefullest of gear. A day on, you’d not even realise she’d made level cap within 24 hours.



One hundred and seventy-two iLevels. I still only own one Relic, am missing both Storm and Blood. Yes, I got lucky on a few things yesterday, if truth be told. I had 880 items for all slots excluding gloves, neck both rings and a trinket. World Quests sorted the holes, and a Greater Invasion gifted the first Legendary.

I’ve got an NPC ‘pet’ to help in Argus but honestly, I don’t need one. What needs to happen now is opening up the Order Hall gubbins, which will take an evening’s work in the week. This time I didn’t even need to do an Invasion to boost my gear, but that won’t be the case with Warlock and Paladin, both of whom can be prepped next week. I’m also almost done with the Mage Class Hall too.


Everybody is at various stages of Argus quest completion except Pherian. That’s the thing to do after I’ve sorted out Order Halls. Once Eisuse is done with the full complement of Followers she’ll start ‘serious’ gearing.

I’m really satisfied with how quickly it’s taken to get her sorted and ready for 110 life.

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