This weekend, spending time in Orgrimmar for the first time in a while, I realise how busy the Horde side of things has become. Once upon a time, on my Server at least, the red team were the poor relation. That’s not true any more if the number of times I see Alliance rogues sneak in and try to take out the Auctioneers is any indicator. That’s pretty much an hourly occurrence. Yesterday I also had a bit of an epiphany.


Eisuse’s favourite bodyguard, as a Hordie, is a gnome. That’s because I trained her as a Hunter, and we clearly now share an unshakeable bond. However, a couple of years ago this would have been unthinkable. Now, far be it from me to remind everybody that I’ve been trying to push for faction free for some time… and, as it happens, I suppose this is the first step forward. I enjoy bodyguarding with a Nightborne (because she’s quite powerful) but my Dwarf could just as well partner with Rexxar…

Part of me wonders if we’re gonna get faction politics back for the Expansion, and whether I’m really interested in that side of events at all.


I’m aware of the buttload of foreshadowing that’s all over current content. The more I think about it, the less I care. It would be great to pick and choose who I played with in terms of factions not base on their fealty to a flag, but the amount of enjoyment I got from creating my own experiences outside of the ones provided by the game. Right now, I’ll be honest, that involves picking everything up I can, sending it to a bank alt and selling it. This does not need a plot to make it more entertaining. In fact, it doesn’t even need to rake in huge returns either, just the happiness I get when checking said bank alt for the post, then seeing how much money can be made just undercutting people by 5% on the AH.


I don’t have any use for this cash as yet either: all the rep stuff is Alliance side. It might be that I use all this to buy Battle pets I don’t have, or just keep making it… there’s not really a plan. Having moved from 874 to 890 yesterday (thanks to picking up the last two Relics required to finally flesh out the Artifact) she’s quite the useful fighter and has a lot of entertainment value. There’s also a far greater variance in her power output on the Broken Isles as opposed to Argus, which I can only assume has to do with that Legendary ring plus her relic rewards. Either way, it was very relaxing yesterday when I was knackered to just potter about.


TIme to make the most of the content before everything just goes up in the air, I suppose…

One thought on “God Only Knows

  1. I was thinking about the faction thing the other day. It’s come up a lot recently, what with Jaina forgetting that we’re all gonna die if we don’t work together and storming off. The thing that actually made me think of it again though was doing Trial of the Crusader for transmog. Because yeah, let’s kill some members of the opposite faction because our leader is insulted, instead of just working together to defeat the Lich King. It seems as though our faction leaders need to grow up a bit, because Horde and Alliance players help each other out all the time, on the regular, and kinda don’t care about the difference. And we’re the ones out there in the trenches actually doing the fighting. When was the last time you saw Greymane or Sylvanas on the front lines? Or at all? Broken Shore, right? Meanwhile, we’re all on Argus fighting for survival. Yeah, it’s a world a war, but not with each other anymore. I really hope next expansion isn’t just a whole lot of in-fighting, but with Jaina magically reappearing on the Blizzcon artwork, I’m not so sure…


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