The four L110’s I have are at various stages of done, thanks to the last few week’s steady chipping away at their situations. That means I should be looking at some new people to level, and unless I start organising all parts of my life (not simply the pixellated ones) it will be Christmas very soon. Therefore, it is time to get some new people ready to help me relax and to move on my pretentions of organisation.


Mishima (Rogue, Combat) was taken out at this morning’s Invasion to see if it is doable and to recall if I can still play the class. I can, and am not totally woeful, and therefore there will be some stealthing and picking of pockets between bouts of levelling. She’s also an Engineer, so I can at least begin a new chapter in the Professions story.


Beecham (Paladin, Retribution) is ready to be talented and UI-d after some work with the Internet. She’s dropped Jewelcrafting and is now an Alchemist/Herbalist so will need a bit of time gathering flowers in other places to get her skill to a level where it will be useful. I intend to complete her Artifact acquisition this week.

If you want to follow these two as they level, you can see their adventures via Twitter starting today.

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