It is time to stop fucking about and start clearing out the Quest logs of my L110’s.


I spent just over an hour this morning going through everybody’s UI and working out the priorities. Now it is apparent that Argus is considerably easier to complete than I’d first anticipated (past a certain iLevel) it is not beyond the realms of possibility to get everybody attuned to live there until the Expansion launches (assuming I have a couple of months to get my arse in gear.) This doesn’t include any kind of Legacy schtick (or Transmog farming) which I’ll start worrying about once I’m comfortable all the Professions stuff is out of the way.


Both Mishima and Beecham are now owners of neophyte Class Order Hall app spots and will be quite happy just mucking about in Invasions for a while. Everybody else’s priorities are now committed to paper, and the plan over the next seven days is to knock as much of the backlog off as possible, which if nothing else should give me plenty of stuff to blog about in the leadup to Blizzcon.

If you’ll excuse me therefore, there’s an Invasion up and I have two alts to drag through.

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